Adrenaline III: Sylvia vs Mercer Now An MMA Bout

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Adrenaline III: Sylvia vs Mercer Now An MMA Bout

The scheduled 6-round boxing match set to take place this Saturday at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, Ala. between former UFC champ Tim Sylvia and former Boxing champ Ray Mercer has been scrapped.

The bout set to take place in a cage as the headlining fight for Adrenaline’s third show, will now be under MMA rules.

According to various media outlets Monte Cox failed to secure regulation by a U.S. Commission. The Association of Boxing Commission issued a press release calling the bout “unwarranted and illegal” forcing Cox to make the last minute change.

The full card for Adrenaline III:


· Ray Mercer (0-0) vs. Tim Sylvia (24-5)

· Rich Clementi (34-14) vs. Sasuke Zapata (17-1)

· Chris Davis (5-0) vs. Jeremy Horn (80-19-5)

· Joe Jordan (44-12-2) vs. Juan Zapata (17-0)

· Keith Johnson (5-2) vs. Nick Rossborough (11-10)

· John Salter (1-0) vs. Roberto Traven (6-3-1)

· Tony Godbold (3-2) vs. Josh Martin (6-2)

· Josh Barnes (4-3) vs. Brad Tidwell (2-1)

· Bryan Goldsby (10-4) vs. Joey Maimberga (5-2)

· Sean Hall (0-0) vs. Tuan Pham (1-0)


· Brandon Esch (n/a) vs. Justin Trawick (n/a)

· Keith Cunagin (5-3) vs. Robert Rodda (1-0)

· Adrian Miles (5-2) vs. Daniel Ritchie (6-1)

· Ron Mitchell (7-1) vs. Brandon Powell (2-0)

· Barry Clifford (11-5) vs. Matt Smart (5-1)

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