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Steroidslive At An Outside Glance

I have received quite a few good comments and emails from my readers and those that I have exposed.

I said to myself , I could show both sides , but felt no need to give those morons the attention they want.

Especially since they hide behind fake email addresses, and call me the bitch.

I have to say, your not doing your job as a bloggist if your not getting useless threats . So hear are some of the good ones:

I wanted to thank you for taking interest in my case, and although I do not use steroids , I think of you as a leader and a hero.

Much Props Doc, you the man, I was about to do a stupid fucking cycle to pop my cherry and you saved me from sides, for real……………………………………… u da man.

I didn’t know what to do when Alin told me there was nothing he could do and I was out of luck.

Dr.s jumped in and made it right, I got my gear 3 weeks later.

The doctor tries to help whenever he can.

That is just a few of them , I could share them all but it would be just egotistical . The point is I try to help as many as I can , and sometimes that blows up in my face , regardless , I try. I bring this up because of late I have not written much, and this is because of my job. Not an excuse, but just what happens and regardless I need to step up for my readers.

Soon , very soon.

Sometimes helping someone takes me away from writing , so I need to balance.


  1. Robert Mann says:

    Good afternoon Dr S one ? if im doing DECA 600mg a week should i take 1 shot or break it down?? thanks for your time…..

  2. billy says:

    fucking douchebag

  3. DrS says:

    Wow , your a joke… You said you know where I live and you have my phone number so call me and I will meet you locally , I swear on my father’s grave I’ll be there. As for my degree , you couldn’t attain it in a hundred years , so don’t hate , just embrace not everyone has such diligence .

  4. billy says:

    Oh yea Pasadena Ca, golds gym bitch or 24 hr fit, lmk when

  5. billy says:

    you know what, why name it when i know it bitch, fuck you punk, you called me a bitch and that you will drop me, lol in your fucking dreams you faggott punk, tell ya what, give me your phone number and i will give you mine, man to fucking man, we can talk,walk and do the damn thang you heard, me and you will meet , thats a fucking promise, do me a favor, you should tell your boy to be more discreet about his and your info, i got your fucking number, you call me a coward, don’t hide behind a fucking name like DR S, you wish you were a fucking doc punk, no fucking doctor would stoop to your level. just do e a favor and start shitting in your fucking pants. lol whooping my ass, thats the funiest shit i have heard today, thats something that i dream off, whooping your ass, from my professional career, i can take a ass whooping, lmk ask you! CAN YOU?

  6. DrS says:

    Your a coward , and if you know so much then come , I promise you, I won’t do anything but drop your bitch ass. I am so tired of cowards like you. If your that bad , name a place in my state and I will be there, otherwise shut up and go back to that hole u crawled out of….

  7. billy says:

    WTF, are you serious, what does living in a rich town has to do with anything, I guarantee at my age i have more than you can imagine, and since you said, their are rich criminals everywhere, just take a look at wallstreet punk,

    No i dont hide behind a computer, I like my privacy just like you do, If you are so out in the open, than come out, whats your name? who are you? what are you afraid of? I thought so, you hide behind a fake ass name and your fictitious character, you mock my spelling as though posting a response on your site is graded, lol

    You are a fucking tool dude, you have no idea who i am, Im not DW, whoever the fuck that is, I know more about you than you know, and I know your little friends and those you talk to personally, I will get your ass, erase this post, yes you will, but when i stand next to you and smile, than you can say im sorry and punkout like the fucktard you are, I will expose you and bring you down,

    Im just that fucking close to you man, And i promise you this, I aint joking, If you think i am, than tell ya what, I wont post anymore, I will just show you by my action, be careful ZIDANE, BE CAREFUL i got your number, you had your chance to make it right, now its my turn to get it done.

    Oh yea, SW what a site, not my cup of tea, I prefer the more open disscussion sites, Never heard of SW until you mentioned it, you can keep that site, too many computer tough guys for me and too many kids.

  8. Gomer says:

    Seems what goes on this blog is fine by me. Good info w/no ass kissing, and wow someone that gives a shit about thwarting scammers.

    Even so called legit sources can scam a few now & then and hide behind the “100’s of happy customers” or whatever. (I know it happened to me) Peace.

  9. DrS says:

    Yes I do , and it never ends because I expose scammers

  10. DrS says:

    Wow , so if I didn’t ban you be a man and tell everyone your issue with me personally . And by the spelling I would guess you that bitch made DW….. But I am not sure because as I said you hide behind an email address. Me I am in the open and don’t dodge anyones questions or hide from people sorry ass comments, so yes you are the coward. I am in the middle of things, helping people , trying to make a difference . And the funny thing is the only people that call me a scammer are people I exposed. So I am guessing this is DW because his first name was Billy and he was from Louisiana , so I will have to dig that email up just in case. and I am well aware of the fact that your going to come back with stupid comments, and explain nothing, so I will say this now , I am tired of the stupid back and forth and unless you come forward with fact or at least an explanation, I will delete the comments. And as I said real gangsters don’t say anything they just do. And for the record I live in the richest town in my state and one of the top 5 richest towns in the US, I grew up in the hood , why would a hard working man like my self live in my old hood. Have a splendid day.

    Ps you have no one fooled , because you hide like a coward….

  11. MJT says:

    wow whats up his ass? lol, Dr.s u do have to put up with some shit…

  12. billy says:

    wow so you think im a hardass who hides behind a fake email addy, so re you dude, so are you, whats you real name and address, as far as im concerned, you are a fake mothafucker, and you hide behind a computer and call yourself a mod and whatever the fuck else you call yourself, a real man dont do the shit you do, no childish games here, why dont you just say it. “Im a scammer ” Zidane come on dude, and is tht where you at.. steroidworld, sorry but you never banned me partner, like i give a fuck anyways, now that you speak place, i need to go over their and see what its like. but i will say this. you are a good scammer, you have many fooled, but the hammer will come down youngster.

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