Steroids & The Medical Studies We Need

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Steroids & The Medical Studies We Need

I, as a man of science rely on medical studies and what not, to get a view of the compounds we use.  There is a huge issue with this, because our application and the clinical uses of such anabolics aren’t the same.  On top of this we have a number of steroids that haven’t even been tested on humans because they were not created to be used in humans( I do understand how that must sound but from where I stand, with proper testing I don’t believe it will be found to have that much of an effect on us).  So without proper evaluation how can anyone say they are bad for recreational use.

My thought was that some were created as a counter to muscle wasting diseases such as HIV.  So they do a study were they use it on HIV positive patients, noting such side effects in comparison to the pros.  Then they decide to report such minimal side effects, but don’t follow through with how likely the sides are, and then they want us to believe that the side effects found in these already unfortunately sick men will be the same in a healthy individual.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I was watching TV a while back and saw a great commercial for a medicine that helps with social awkwardness( is this possible), and they went on about how great you’ll feel.  But in a low tone voice at the end it reads off all possible side effects, and it rang to a theme of : may cause death, impaired hearing, stroke, migraine headaches, the shakes, anal leakage, well you get the point.

Now if there was a high likelihood of these things happening do you think it would really get by the FDA?

My point is most of these symptoms can happen while you are not being medicated at all.  They are results of life not medication.  I do believe  some medications do cause bad reactions by themselves, but we live in a world right now where companies are more worried about being sued then curing a major disease.  Who can blame them, MOST Americans are sue happy.

My point is this, we need a major, medical recognized facilityto do the proper studies, and evaluate what they really do in a healthy individual.  Then we need this to be published on Oprah so everyone will hear about it ( if it is on the news most won’t ever know, and lets face it everyone believes what is said on Oprah  ), and then see first hand what the truth of steroids really is.  To make it work they would need a well versed member of our community to help organize the study, so it is relatively accurateto the way and dosages we use.  I truly believe this could work.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .  Thank you.

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