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The next team I would like to touch on is a now infamous UCONN Huskies Men’s Basketball, they decided to follow an unreal performance against the then #1 Texas Long Horns, by losing to a mediocre Providence , and a decent Marquette team.

I have no idea why a team as talented as them cannot beat teams that they should run out of the building but can play with the best teams in the country,  They have played Duke, and with the horrible shooting effort they still gave them all they can handle.

Played a very talented Georgetown to a 3 point loss, an exceptional Kentucky team, also a 3 point loss.

They have the talent to get to the final four as they have shown by playing with some of the top teams in the nation, but may end up in the NIT where they will play down to the lack of talent and will lose in the first round.

Stanley Robinson is as athletic as any in the nation, Jerome Dyson  as talented as any player , though his moments of horrible decision making does concern me. I think defensively , we are damn good, we are just waiting on some consistency from  the others, maybe Kimba Walker realizing he is as quick as any, with the exception of the point from Kentucky, and become that third prong.

We could definitely could use Ater Majok catching up to the speed of the game, he has moments of talent, but if he doesn’t start stringing those together, he may end up at Fairfield U like another talented but not quite ready 6′10 recruit ( Uconn Fans remember Deng ). Only  God knows what is to come, whether they turn it around, or end up at a meager NIT, it will be because of what they decide to do as a team.

Up next is the Boston Celtics, still by most considered the best team in the Eastern Conference, but they are in their last year or so as that, due to age, this is only if they are healthy.

Since their win against The Magic on Christmas , I believe they are 6-11, not a stellar record, most notably not being able to hold a 4th quarter lead at home.

I liked the addition of Wallace, but realized we could have used some youth , like Ben Gordon or a Chris Bosh , or even giving Powe a chance to get healthy, many forget that Powe was the spark that got us to the last championship.

He plays with so much heart, we need that same spark to have a chance again . Someone to help at point would be nice, I guess we will see.

Soccer has always been my favorite sport, and I am looking forward to a World Cup where we have a good enough team to get out of the second round like 2002 , if you remember , we out played  Germany but the ref’s decided that a US win would muddy the Soccer World’s waters.

A blatant hand ball by a German Defender, an obvious goal that went over the line , but the keeper pulled it back, it was a mockery, but our win over Spain has shown we can play with anyone.

I am passionate about sports, I am that guy that yells at the screen, who coaches from his couch, I love it when my team wins, and is miserable when they don’t. I have no choice but to keep watching , and keep rooting for my teams , without jumping ship like the bandwagon hoppers ( Most Yankee Fans , I remember the pre-1996 teams , not as many fans then ) . I am the average American, I watch, play , and love sports.

Please feel free to comment or let me know who you root for, and please send any questions to [email protected]. Have a great day !!!!!

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