Shogun and Ninja’s Kid Brother to Make Pro MMA Debut Soon

Shogun and Ninja have been training their younger brother to be the next professional Mixed Martial Artist in their family.  Their younger brother Marcos “Baby” Rua will is expected to make his MMA debut in the next few months.   “He’s well, training tough and much focused. He would fight at The Glory, that would happen at January, but was delayed to March, but we want to see him fighting before”, said Shogun.  

This I have to say is turning out to be one tough family.  We have seen some good things from both Ninja and Shogun, I can’t wait to see what little bro has learned and will be bringing to the cage.  Apparently this kid is only 22, but is looking to hand out some beat downs.  Keep your eyes peeled for this new talent. 

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