Benefits of Cycling

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Benefits of Cycling

One of the most effective ways to torch calories is through the wonderful cardiovascular exercise, cycling. Mountain, spinning, road, or indoor cycling is a very effective way to raise the metabolism and burn fat. It will burn many calories after a workout. Expect to burn around 250-300 calories every thirty minutes, dependent on weight, speed, and terrain. Regular cycling will build extremely strong calf, thigh, and buttock muscles. Legs will become lean, muscular, and shapely.

The largest muscles in the body are activated during cycling and burn off a lot of calories, as well as dip into fat stores. Just three or four hours of cycling, depending on speed and intensity can help to burn off 1750 calories or half a pound of fat. A long cycle ride a couple of times a week can help to burn off excess pounds. Before, during and after the workout, it is very important to refuel with instant carbohydrates and plain water or an isotonic drink. During long rides the body burns a lot of sugar so it important to refuel the muscles and give them instant energy. Instant energy giving foods are chocolate, jelly babies, bananas, and jelly beans and are small enough to carry comfortably during a cycle ride.

Outdoor cycling is different to spinning or indoor cycling on a stationary bike. Spinning works the muscles of the calves, buttocks, thighs, even the abdominals and arms, if press-ups are performed. These moves are much similar to outdoor cycling. Stationary cycling works the thigh and calf muscles more than outdoor cycling. A great thing about spinning and outdoor cycling is the body can rise up out of the seat to work those buttock muscles and the arms grow stronger to keep the posture alert. Recumbent bikes work the calves and thigh muscles. Of course, stationary bikes and recumbent bikes also work the buttock muscles but not as well as outdoor cycling or spinning does.

Road bikes or racer’s build up speed, very similar to a spin bike, and mountain biking has thicker tyres, perfect for riding over uneven terrain. Running is a weight bearing exercise and, unfortunately, not everyone is able to perform it correctly due to joint problems. Cycling, on the other hand, is extremely easy on the joints. I love hill climbs. I love pushing my body to the limit and it is incredible how they have gained in strength even during the steepest of climbs. A tip is to lean forward, go into the lowest gear, and use mental strength to reach the summit.

As well as burn calories and help the body to lose weight, cycling can become addictive, improve stamina, and tone the hamstrings, quadriceps, and buttock muscles. Cycling is a perfect exercise for bottom heavy or pear shaped women as it burns many calories and also dips into fat stores. As it builds muscle strength, the basal metabolic rate will also raise and burn many calories afterward the sport too.

Cycling is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise that tones the entire lower half of the body. Pleasurable endorphins are released during and after cycling. Spinning helps to burn off around 800 calories per hour, road cycling burns around 250-300 per half hour, and mountain biking works to build stronger thighs and buttock muscles due to its various terrain and may burn a lot less calories than spinning or road cycling but the increased muscle gain will gradually increase the basal metabolic rate.

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