Scientists Developed Pills That Will Replace Fitness

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Scientists Developed Pills That Will Replace Fitness

Scientists offer revolutionary news: now we can fight for beautiful figure with the help of special pills! Researchers developed two drugs which can mobilize internal reserves of our body and help develop muscles and burn fat without getting out of that comfy couch. The developers optimistically state that those pills will help stay in great shape at all time even to those people who do not like putting themselves through the trouble of working out. Both drugs have special effect on a particular gene which is connected to the muscle development and maintenance of muscle tone.

Experiments have shown that lab mice could run extra 68% when given the magic drug. Interesting enough, the greater the distance the more the drug enhances the organism’s stamina. The scientists believe that the drugs will have similar effect on people. Furthermore, how much the pills effect our body does not depend on the physical state of the organism. The results of this study were published in the Cell magazine.

The head of the research team, molecular biologist Ronald Evans, expressed his hopes that the drug, if allowed for public usage, will replace workouts for anyone who spends most of his or her life sitting or for the in-bed patients.

At the same time, the medics are cautious since athletes when struggling for best results on the competition may abuse usage of those fitness-pills. The scientists have developed a special test as a way to prevent such actions; the test will help them test for presence of those drugs in the person’s blood and urine.

The side effects of the drugs have not been reported yet.

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