Rumors & Myths Are The Biggest Threat To The Steroid Cause

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Rumors & Myths Are The Biggest Threat To The Steroid Cause

We have many situations within the Steroid Community that need attention, from scammers to scumbags to Law Enforcement to political witch hunts and so forth. I have seen Texas get wiped off the Steroid Map twice in the last few years. I have seen the Ryan Haight Act passed because a certain Interest Group wants there outrageous prices to be paid by all Americans, I say Americans , because in Cuba you can get the same prescription for 1/10 the price. We have forums strictly kept running for the purposes of keeping certain dirt bag sources in business. None of these compare to what myths and rumors do to our cause and the way we are perceived.

The Gym ” where rumors rule the day”: This is were the second most misinformation is let loose. From the idea that winstrol by itself ” will make a fat dump into a ripped machine” to such favorites as dosing recommendations. So many have been birthed ( false statements and erroneous information ) at such facilities, and it just makes me disgusted that so many clueless people will be quick to give advice , which is scarey. You don’t know how many times people come to me all fucked up because they listen to one of the so called Pro’s, who gave them terrible advice. I hear so many conversations at the gym and so many clueless people telling others what to do, this just allows for a bunch of overzealous clueless people to roam freely. This leaves the state of our community in chaos.

Then there is first place, where the most misinformation is derived. The Government’s War On Steroids. Only here can make believe animals like unicorns start to make more sense then the dribble they fabricate. In every raid and every bust they give this grand speech on how the streets are safer afterwards. Yet no crime rate of any given area has ever shown such. They make unproven statements of the dangers of steroids, are aren’t required to back them up with fact. From the After School Specials to the bullshit commercials, or my favorite Hooten’s description of the steroid user. His thoughts are that ALL steroid users are bald or have a shaved head, sweat a lot so they always have towels with them, and have aggressive behavior. This is beyond crazy yet it is more received and accepted then the truth. My only advice for balding men is don’t carry a towel with you. What a moron, the same moron that contacted me about AR’s article when I republished it , but when I explained I would have my lawyer contact them, I never heard from them again. What I really don’t understand is why it is acceptable for such people to lie and bend the truth to combat steroids, but we have to back everyone of our statements with facts drawn from conclusive studies. A good general example is: anytime I say steroids aren’t bad to someone that doesn’t know much about the topic, I have to show them real studies to even try to sway their opinion slightly, but if I say steroids are bad to the same person , they will agree immediately. This is because the incorrect information that is feed to the masses.

The moral of the story is rumors and myths are being spread everywhere, this allows for people to stay uneducated , and for others to keep steroids a criminal figure , without any truthful basis. Lets end this!

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