The Health Of The Steroid User

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The Health Of The Steroid User

Recently I wrote about the Anabolic Doc, and when I spoke to him he explained that the vast majority of his patients were arriving later then sooner . They were in their 40’s , have been using steroids for 15 plus years, don’t go to the doctors ever.

So when they arrive they have hypertension , sexual dysfunction, and have several other lingering aliments.

This is not necessarily due to the steroids, but a combination of poor health choices, a lack of Doctor’s interaction and just in general, practices that can do damage to the healthiest body ( like excessive protein, which beats on your kidneys good ).

I don’t know how many times I have said, posted , or proclaimed you should have all your blood work done before and during a cycle . Even a Physical before you start would be a great idea.

 This goes a long way  into a huge epidemic of Juicers who do not take the proper precautions and we wonder why the outside world has such a poor perspective of what steroids do. They see a steroid user in the ER and he had a small M.I ( heart attack ) , and all they think is ” He does steroids so obviously it was that” . How many people have heart attacks a year? But a muscular man walks in the door, and it is steroids.

No, it is typically the lack of medical attention over the years.

I asked myself , what is the answer? At first I thought all we needed was the arrival of Doctors such as The Anabolic Doc.  This seemed like the answer to me, and then I realized that we have to overcome years of neglect , and change the habits of generations of steroid users.

 So Dr. O’Connor is part if the answer , the rest start with those who read this , to accept this as truth and to pass it on as the same.

At the end of the day , we only have one life, and we need to make the most out of this one life.

So we need to enjoy each day and try to get as many days out of it as possible.

Do yourself a favor and take care of your body like it is a temple, not just the exterior.

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