River Gym

As you do cycling in a gym, has it ever occurred to you that the energy you create could be transferred into something more useful than just your sweat. Now your energy could do a lot more. Architect Mitchell Joachim says that his idea could help transfer the workout vigor into another level where it could be harnessed for transportation of people along New York rivers. River gym is a floating human-powered gym that would make a real difference to your workouts.

While exercising, we expend vast amounts of energy. It’s not a big deal if you don’t consider this energy is exhausted only for the sake of your own wellbeing. With the River Gym, you would exercise not only for yourself but also provide transportation services to other people.

As part of the NCY transportation system, these River Gyms would float along the Hudson and East Rivers enabling people to exercise and enjoy gorgeous views of Manhattan. And though the project was designed for New York, the same River Gyms could appear in other cities on rivers.

Source of the image: www.archinode.com

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