Pumping the Neck Muscles

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Pumping the Neck Muscles

Neck muscles are crucial since people around you see them in any season, be it summer or winter. So, weak neat muscles can ruin your appearance. Many pro bodybuilders rarely mention training their neck muscles as part of their training routine. Yet, when you look closely at photos of the champions you can clearly see that some of them are lacking some muscle in the neck area.

How Often Should Bodybuilder Train Neck Muscles?

A bodybuilder should work on his neck muscles two-three times a week (five-six sets per training). The exercises should work on the muscles at different angles. How many repetitions you do per set does not really matter, what matters is that you do not overload the muscle when doing particular exercise. Try to work at average pace and level. Below are some neck muscle exercises.

Wrestler’s Bridge

Stand on your knees, support your hand on a soft mat, and make circular movements in different directions, as well as back and forward. Use hands to help you at first. Do the exercise till you feel tired.

Neck Exercises Using Helmet

Helmets are not luxury those days since you can easily buy one at any sports store or department store. Helmet consist of several canvas straps firmly fixed together.

Put the helmet on and tightly secure some weights to it. You will be lifting your head up while wearing it. When training front neck muscles you need to lie down on your back on a horizontal bench such that the weights on the helmet are dangling. Lower your head slowly without any sudden movements and slowly lift it up. Repeat 20-25 times without stopping.

When working on your back neck muscles, lie flat on your chest on a horizontal bench. The weights on the helmet should be dangling at the front. Move the head down and lift it up.

Furthermore, lie on your side while wearing the helmet and train your lateral neck muscles by tilting your head towards the shoulders at full amplitude.

Please note, people who have never trained their neck muscles can easily damage them, so be careful and always start training with small weights.

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