Plyometrics with Racquetball Training

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Plyometrics with Racquetball Training

Because I perform plyometrics exercises, I have increased my winning average. I have more power and my recovery time is faster.

Plyometrics are common in the fitness industry. More and more racquetball players consider them mainstream.

My personal trainerdescribes plyometrics as explosive movements. If done routinely, they will help build your strength and power. Below are some standard plyometrics exercises to help your racquetball game.

Jumping Lunges

I hate these exercises, which means I need to do them.  Once I get started I am happy as a rabbit.

You need to stand with your feet away from each other, about shoulder width. You need to look straight ahead with the back perpendicular to the ground.

You take your right leg and step out. At the same time bend your right leg. Lower your body, until your right thigh is level with the ground.

This is where it gets a little tough. While in the lunge position, push your body off the ground and jump up. When you reach the height of the jump in the air, switch legs.

Then, you land with the left leg forward in the lunge position.  Repeat the plyometrics movement, switching each leg back and forth. Breathe naturally throughout the lunges.

It’s best to perform six jumps and rest for five to ten seconds.  If you can do five repetitions of Jumping Lunges, you are in pretty good shape.

Bench Throw

For this plyometrics exercise you will need a weighted medicine ball. Start by lying either on a bench or mat.

Get a strong hold of the weighted medicine ball in your hands.  Bring the medicine ball close to the chest. The position of the ball is similar to the position of a chest press.

Breathing naturally, your arms push the ball up into the air, away from the chest. The movement is similar to the direction you would perform a normal chest press.

The pushing motion is a thrusting action. You use enough force, so the ball leaves your hands for about a few inches.

You want to maintain control of the medicine ball. Then, you catch the ball as it comes back into your hands. Continue the plyometrics motion five times in a row and rest five seconds in one minute interval. Five pushes and rest for five seconds, back and forth for a whole minute.

Plyometrics Push up

My body loves this plyometrics exercise. My upper body is so strong from it. I can really hit the balls hard down the line.

Start by lying face down on the ground. Put our hands under your shoulder blades, so they are comfortable.

Place the balls of your feet on the ground to stabilize your body on the floor. You will notice that you are in a standard pushup position. If not, you need to correct yourself.

The next step is the plyometrics movement. You push yourself up with enough force to thrust your body up.

Your hands will leave the ground and come back down. Once the hands touch the ground again, you place your body in the push up position once more.

You want to perform five upward pushes and rest five seconds. You need to breathe naturally throughout the exercise.

The exercise is best performed in one minute intervals. As your strength and power increase, then add more intervals.

I can’t encourage you enough to perform these explosive exercises. It’s a good idea to consult with a trainer to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly.

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