Part Ii: Protecting The Giants And All Others Involved

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Part Ii: Protecting The Giants And All Others Involved

The previous post was of the cycles of the “Big Men” and what becomes of them, this is a look at the what currently goes on and what should be happening to protect steroid users ( especially the uneducated users ) from themselves.

We live in a culture in which we villainize random issues without actually approaching it with fact.

I know I sound like I am soo PRO steroids that I wouldn’t listen to the other side, but I do. I have quite a few issues with the practices of steroid users. 

This makes me pressed for time because I have a war on 2 separate fronts, one with the anti-steroid groups ( and general members of society that think steroids are bad because they heard it on TV once ), and on the other , the know it all or the know nothing members that don’t listen, won’t research and are just pretty much uneducated.

The scary thing about the second group is there are certain people who have been around for years and are considered vets that happen to be clueless.

So we have these Giants ( the Bodybuilders ) who get their steroids through a few different means ( doctors, sponsorship where it is supplied for them, and importation, etc ), and because the taboo is so profound we have to becare with every step medically wise.

Even if they do happen to recieve their roids via a doctor it is still a down low transaction and it is unlikely that all needed steps are being taken to insure health.

This is because though a Doctor cannot report you for steroid use they can put such info into your permanent medical records which in most cases disqualifies you from any chance at Life Insurance and/or Health Insurance.

So instead of making sure their health remains , we actually revoke their right to attend to their own health.

The theme seems to stay the same, the Government feels that condemning the name of substances as one big terrible plague, without provocation, is the best way to take down a controlled substance.

Look at the ridiculous commercials about marijuana, they just helps them lose all credibility with it’s people, especially once they use the substance and realize it was over dramatized.

Same with steroids, the numbers don’t lie, and those numbers are fact, look at how many die a year from steroids.

I know, I know one football player died some years back and that means steroids are deadly, and I know no one that never did steroids died from cancer EVER ( yes that is sarcasm ), don’t you believe with all the steroid use now a days there would be more people dying left and right.

I must ask you to just use commonsense for a moment.

Allowing steroids to be less prejudiced against would allow for proper health measures taken, without concern of retaliation or legal measures ( also the threat of losing all type of medical related benefits ). So this practice of our Government actually places all places all involved in more danger ( medical reasons, not sure what is put in UG Labs roids, etc ) yet their excuse is they are trying to protect us. Well if that is their version of protection, I’ll pass.

I have seen many estimates on how many have used or are currently are using steroids in the U.S. , but due to the nature of this industry it is very unlikely the stats are even close.

Some say 500,000-750,000 , others state much less , I personally believe it is well above a few million.

Look at how many forums there are to just steroids.

This means that the tactics that are used are potentially shunning and endangering every last one. Why should prejudice ever be used as a tool? how is that even reasonable or anyway civil.

Everyone deserve protection, real protection, even if the risks are very low in the majority, for those few that may have adverse effects, those are the ones we need to have their back.

They should be able to tell their Doctors without risk, or fear of losing certain benefits, before they use, to get the appropriate blood tests, so the proper precautions will prevent a preexisting condition from becoming an issue that surely would have been blamed on steroids.

This is my concern, and this is why we need to do something about such.

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