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Omnadren is used to promote muscle gain and increased strength. This compound is made up of four testosterone esters with the same effects and functions as testosterone. The esters composing this strong androgen are testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, and testosterone coproate.

This compound enhances the protein synthesis in the body because it converts into dihydrotestosterone. In this process, the body is able to acquire more proteins which are used to create new muscle tissues. These proteins are produced when the body receives positive nitrogen balance which is the stored within the cells and tissues.

This compound is ideal for bulking purpose since it converts into estrogen. Similar to testosterone, Omnadren has strong affinity with the aromatase enzyme; hence estrogenic effects are likely to develop. Estrogen stimulates the deposition and storage of unwanted fats and fluid. This allows the body to accumulate these fats and fluid between the muscle fibers, causing the muscle tissues to bloat and become flabby. Despite the formation of soft and flabby muscles, bodybuilders and athletes do not see this as a disadvantage since they want to build-up their muscles. Another benefit of having water and fat deposits is that it serves as protection and lubrication to skeletal joints.

The estrogenic property of Omnadren produces several steroid side effects since it allows the body to store fats and water. Because of this, high blood pressure, palpitation and increased cholesterol deposits are possible consequences. Also, it can cause the formation of gynecomastia or man boobs among males who are sensitive to the estrogen compound.

Aside from having an estrogenic property, Omnadren also exhibits strong androgenic attribute. This property promotes heightened aggressiveness, acne formation, problem in sleeping, and male pattern hair loss. Women who use this drug may develop some virilization effects such as the thickening of the vocal cords resulting to low and hoarse voice, and the increased growth of hair on the face and body.

Omnadren is usually administered in long cycles that last for three and four months. Its effects take place in long period of time but the effects are long lasting – that is why it is injected every once or twice a week at a dose 250mg to 1000mg a week.

This drug is controlled and regulated by the Controlled Substance Act, so possession, use and trade of Omnadren without the prescription from a physician is illegal. Sporting bodies such as the Major Baseball League and the Olympics probit this drug. If an athlete is tested positive on this substance can be banned or suspended from the competition. You can avail Omnadren legally from drugstores if you can present a written consent from your doctor. However, some local gyms also sell this through underground transactions. Fortunately, you can avail steroids including Omnadren from online shops. This means is easy, fast and convenient because you make your order and payment via the internet. Availing anabolic steroids from online shops does not need a prescription, plus you can remain anonymous from your seller or supplier.

Omnadren Trade Names

Sustaxyl, Pharma Sust 300, Sustamed,Sustanon 350, Sustanon 250, Sustabol, Andropen

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