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Primobolan, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, was artificially synthesized by a leading European pharmaceutical laboratory, Schering. This compound has double bonds which make it a weak androgen and an anti-estrogen.

This drug does not convert into estrogen because it does not react with aromatase enzyme. This property suppresses the absorption and storage of water and unwanted fats in the body which leads to the formation of leaner and more toned muscle tissue. This result is obtained because there is no water or fat in between the muscle fibers. Primobolan is popular to most bodybuilders and athletes because of its ability to inhibit the estrogen-related effects such as the retention of water and unwanted fats.

Primobolan exhibits a weak androgenic property since it hardly binds with androgen receptor by about 50% less than testosterone. So, it promotes a much less muscle build-up compared to other anabolic androgenic steroids. Because of this weak property, Primobolan is not recommended for muscle mass build-up or bulking purpose but rather as a cutting agent with other anabolic steroids. If it is weak androgen is a disadvantage to male users, it is an advantage for female steroid user since virilizing effects are likely to occur in minimal extent. The most common adverse reaction of this anabolic steroid is the formation or worsening of acne on the face and on the upper torso of the body.

Primobolan is a 1-methylated compound which can cause changes in the liver function. Since this drug is unlike other anabolic androgenic steroids that are 17-alpha alkylated compounds, it cannot be tolerated well by the liver. This is the reason why Primobolan should not be used for a long period of time.

This drug can be administered either by intramuscular injection or through oral intakes. The injectable Primobolan is made up of enanthate which stays longer in the body resulting to longer effects. Injectable form is usually given once a week at a dose of 300 to 600 mg. Meanwhile, oral Primobolan is made up of acetate which is easily metabolized by the liver. Oral tablets are administered at a dose of 100 to 150mg divided into 2 to 3 intakes. Most athletes and bodybuilders use the injectable Primobolan although some still use oral forms especially when they stack with other injectable steroids.

Primobolan is controlled and regulated by the Controlled Substance Act, thereby possession and use of this drug without a written consent or prescription from a physician is illegal. This anabolic steroid is available on local pharmacies, gyms and online shops. Buying from pharmacies is strict and risky, while buying from gyms is quite unreliable. The best option to buy Primobolan and other anabolic steroids is through online shops because you can do your purchase at the privacy of your homes. You can pay via electronic means like credit cards which are relatively fast and easy. Also buying from online shops does not require a prescription. Plus, you can keep your identity and avoid the consequences of being legally sanctioned.

Primobolan Trade Names

Primobolan Depot, Primobolan 100, Primobolan 200, Primoxyl, Primoxyl 100.

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