Oldest Steroid Dealer in History Arrested

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Oldest Steroid Dealer in History Arrested

Police investigators arrested 76-year old John Gaebel Livingstone on suspicion of possessing anabolic steroids and possessing drugs for sale and transportation. Police believe Livingstone sold steroids to bodybuilders at local gyms and training studios in Orange County California. Investigators discovered 5,000 steroids units along with some syringes and needles and steroid books after executing a search warrant (”76-year-old suspected of pushing steroids at local gyms,” June 11).

What led police to John Gaebel Livingstone’s doorstep is not being publicly disclosed, but investigators had enough information to obtain a search warrant for the drugs inside Livingstone’s home. About 8 a.m., officers with a warrant went to the home in the 5300 block of Vista Hermosa and discovered the steroids along with hypodermic syringes, steroid literature and detailed business receipts, said Sgt. Tom Bruce of the Cypress Police Department.

The discovery of “business receipts” suggests that the police also confiscated information related to his transactions with suppliers and/or his customers.

The Orange County Register reminds us of the extreme dangers of anabolic steroids by regurgitating some of the most exceedingly unlikely side effects such as liver and kidney tumors.

Abuse of anabolic steroids can lead to serious health problems, including liver and kidney tumors, and cancer, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

But this is no surprise since the information was obtained from NIDA who still believe scare tactics and “reefer madness” approaches to steroid education are most effective.

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