October 27, 2010 Weekly Update from Shadow11_290

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October 27, 2010 Weekly Update from Shadow11_290

Weekly Update

This was my first full week back in the gym. I sat down with my trainer and we decided to do a training split that will be best suited for my partner and I in order to give us the best shot at bringing up our weakest body part — legs! We both need to add more size to our wheels and improve our quads sweep.

At the NPC National Level, everyone has massive legs especially the SuperHeavyWeights. In order for me to take out the competition, my legs can no longer be my weakest body part. During this off-season I will be getting more rest and following an EOD split to give my body and central nervous system a better chance for rest and recovery between workouts.

We will be following this training split for about 8 weeks and then we’ll adjust accordingly. I was also told that IGF 1 works best when used on EOD day so that’s another reason why we are using this split.

That’s one thing I love about this sport — you learn something new damn near everyday. The old me would have shrugged off this bit of info and done it my own stubborn way, but I’m letting go of the reigns during this off-season and giving someone else complete creative control. The new me will be doing as I’m told.

My training split will be as followed for now and will change as my focus points change throughout the year Here is a breakout of what I’m doing:

  • Monday- legs (quads and hams)
  • Tuesday-off
  • Wednesday-chest/back
  • Thursday- off
  • Friday- legs(quads and hams)
  • Saturday- arms

I will be eating 5 solid meals a day along with 3 shakes. All of my solid meals will consist of:

  • 10 ounces of meat (turkey, beef, steak, chicken)
  • 2 cups of rice and 1 sweet potato
  • 1 cup of veggies

I will take MHP Up Your Mass both upon waking and prior to bed and have a protein shake post workout.

This is going to be the first year that I follow a very strict nutrition guideline where not only will I be counting calories and weighing all my meals, but I will also be keeping track of my daily protein and carb intake. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of gains I during make this off season.


It’s no secret that to compete at the highest level of bodybuilding, the use of AAS is a must. I will be very candid about my AAS use and share the inside knowledge of how I cycle in order to maximize the full anabolic abilities.

This was also my first week back on cycle as well after a two and a half month break. It is the longest I have ever been off that since I started juicing about seven years ago.

From here on out as long as I continue bodybuilding I will no longer be taking time off from my anabolic cycles Basically what I will be doing is blasting and cruising from here on out, doing a 20-week blast of different compounds and cruising on just a low dose of test for four weeks.

During my blast phase I will be switching compounds out every four-five weeks during, which time my dosages will increase as well. The whole time running a high dose of Syntrom gh and I will cycle in syntrom igf-1 four-five weeks on and four weeks off, as well as using insulin I have experienced the best gains of my life using axio/syntrop/syntrom, so I will be exclusively sticking with those brands.

I can’t leave anything to chance using top-notch quality supplements is very important. Here’s what my cycle will be looking like for the next weeks.

Duration time: 4 weeks
Axio sus325 2cc/wk shot just once a week
Axio suspension .5cc in biceps everyday alternating arms before or after workout

Total amount 1 gram a test a week for 4 weeks

My first day back in the gym went well. I did legs…. quads/hams/calves. Before I would split them up (quads one day and hams a few days later), this time around I will do my entire legs twice a week quads/hams/calves on Monday and quads/hams/calves on Thursday, getting a full leg workout twice a week.

Being my first day back in the gym after my little lay off I definitely felt a bit sluggish, but after my first exercise I started feeling like my old self and was ready to hit the weights with some real intensity. Having a training partner also helped out a lot especially on leg day. He pushed me and made sure I gave each set 100% and didn’t use the fact that I hadn’t trained in a bit to give this workout any less then 100%.

My strength was ok and joints held up as well. I think running Syntrom gh for the majority of this year definitely helped repair my tendons because before I would always have terrible joint pain during and after leg training but I haven’t noticed any lately. After the workout I did 20 mcg of igf in each quad followed by a protein shake and a meal 1 hour later.


  • leg extensions 2×30 100 1×20 200 1×15 250
    super set
    lying leg curl 3×15 200
    seated leg curls with two sec squeeze at bottom of rep 3×8 180
    squats 135, 20 reps; 225, 12 reps; 315, 3 sets of 6 reps
    hack squat 2 plates a side for 8 reps did 3 more sets and added a plate each time
    seated calves raises 3 plates 3x20reps
    super set
    standing calve raises 400 pounds 3 sets

Check back again next week to see how I’m doing on my journey to the top!

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