Jumping Rope Livens Up Bodybuilding Routines

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Jumping Rope Livens Up Bodybuilding Routines

Bodybuilders know the importance of keeping their bodies in physical shape. It takes commitment and perseverance just like keeping relationships healthy and happy. One neat trick to keeping a body in shape is jumping rope. Many benefits can be experienced. Some bodybuilders may believe that it is tedious or boring, but that’s not actually true.  When a bodybuilder experiences confidence and is at ease with skipping rope, he can include many moves and foot patterns to liven up the jumping rope routine.

A simple addition to jumping rope is incorporating dance basics, like right foot jump, two foot jump, and left foot jump and so forth. Other fancy jump rope routines are high knee stepping, crossovers, repetitive heel-toe and skip fast then slow and jumping rope forward to back instead of back to forward. Bodybuilders can even originate their own moves.

If that’s not enough to keep a bodybuilder content, turn on some favorite music or sport an iPod.  If one is a starry eyed or a romantic, skip rope underneath the stars while gazing at the moon. The jumping rope ideas are never-ending to make a fantastic twenty-minute workout that’s far from monotonous.

Sure jumping rope works the legs but that doesn’t mean the upper body isn’t receiving a workout as well. The repetitious movement of the rope turns also works the upper back, shoulders and arms. Without a doubt all large muscle groups are getting a complete work out while jumping rope. This raises the body’s metabolism and triggers the body to burn more fat during and after exercising. In essence, jumping rope exercises the large muscles and makes them energetic. Bodybuilders rave about becoming more aware of an improvement in their overall accomplishments. This includes an improved reaction time for both the upper body and the lower body, including an overall improvement in stamina.

A wonderful spin-off from jumping rope is the eye, hand and feet coordination takes a change for the better and the overall fitness level soars.  The repetition of all the heart, lungs, endocrine system and muscles working together develops the body into synchronized system, which assists the goal of the bodybuilder to have the perfect body.  Having a body with huge muscle mass may seem hard to believe that such a straightforward workout helps the body become more agile and stable. This is one of the fundamental grounds boxers use jump rope as part of their interval training. Yes indeed stamina for the bodybuilder improves and the reaction time excels, but the rhythmic skipping also improves the overall performance on any feat that requires balance and poise.

The benefits of jumping rope can be experienced by bodybuilders even if they believe that it is monotonous or mind-numbing.  Once a bodybuilder experiences success and feels confident with skipping rope, the workout routine will bring the body to a whole new condition and keep it in top shape as he continues jumping rope.

Kenna McHugh

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