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No Frills Muscle Recovery

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Are you having trouble gaining strength? Feeling weaker in the gym or on the mat? Girlfriend put you in a triangle in front of your friends? What good is a kick-ass workout if you aren’t keeping your gains? If you are bordering on over-training, it might be time to consider stimulating your recovery. No, I’m not talking adding another over-hyped energy drink or pill, I’m talking no frills here guys—for those of you who are looking for results instead of paying for someone’s over-inflated marketing budget. If you don’t mind mixing your own pre-workout or post-workout recovery stacks, you can really save a lot of cash. So, for recovery on a budget, here’s my solution.

1. I try to get at LEAST 20% of my daily protein minimum during my workout. For me, that means 50 grams of high quality whey protein. I prefer Carmel Toffee Fudge Flavor from Optimum’s “100% Whey Protein.” I pack on even more protein on the day of and on the day following squat day—or “pride day” as I like to call it. For the sake of clarification, I consider 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to be my daily minimum. It’s also important to get some carbs immediately after a workout to replenish glycogen levels—so bring along a banana.

2. For every 25g of protein that I supplement during my workout, I add another 3g or so of each of the following 3 products:
a. Pure L-Glutamine from Supplement Direct.
b. BCAA’s from Supplement Direct.
c. L-Glutamine Peptides from German American Tech. Again, you can get their products from, for example.

3. Want to really juice it up? Try throwing in a little Acetyl L-Carnitine and Arginine from Supplement Direct as well. I don’t mean to plug any one product or company, so let me know if you find another solid but economical option.

4. If you aren’t taking a multi-vitamin… Seriously, bro? I like Animal Stak from Universal or Ultra-4 from Beverly International. I like to throw in some extra B-vits too when I need it. I actually prefer the old-fashioned liver concentrates though—if you’ve never tried it, give it a go. I especially like Universal’s Uni-Liver or Beverly International’s Ultra 40. These tabs are more than just B-vits too—you’ll get some protein, arginine, etc.

5. Put a few liver tabs in your pocket at take them sporadically throughout the day. I also take a squirt-bottle to work with me every day that has a post-workout mix in it. I just drink it throughout the day.

Unlike the drinks you get on the shelf, you don’t have to worry about taking too much. Training extra-hard? Take more—no worries. So, now go laugh at the guys spending $3 or more every day on “recovery” shakes, and then go show your girlfriend your new moves!

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