Build Your Triceps With Tri Sets

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triceps tri sets

Build Your Triceps With Tri Sets

Muscle growth often hits the dreaded invisible brick wall known as a plateau. A new gym trainee will likely witness a gradual decline in muscle growth after initially experiencing a drastic improvement in strength and notable physical changes. To overcome training plateaus and spark new muscle growth the body needs new stimulus to adapt to; an excess demand placed on the muscle so the muscle repairs and rebuilds to meet the new demand. Tri sets are an advanced training method which can be introduced periodically to heighten intensity and give the muscle a different stimulus. In this article we will see how tri sets can be incorporated into a triceps workout.

What are tri sets?

A tri set is simply three “normal” sets of different exercises (which target the same muscle) performed back to back with no rest in between. As a result, triple the number of repetitions are performed, so this should be factored in when deciding on the resistance for the three exercises being performed. Such a training method results in a greater muscle pump and alien stress to the muscle fibres.

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Triceps tri set

A tri set for the triceps would be best composed of exercises which stress the muscle slightly differently. Three exercises are outlined below, but feel free to choose three exercises of your choice.

French press – 8 repetitions
Skull crusher – 8 repetitions
Triceps dips – 8 repetitions

Another tri set can be completed after 2-3 minutes rest.

Other ways to overcome training plateaus

  • Change your training routine completely.
  • Alter repetition range.
  • Incorporate negative repetitions, drop sets, super sets, and other high intensity training techniques.
  • Reduce rest times.
  • Increase calorie intake and look at your dietary plans as a whole to ensure it suits your goals.

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