Puff Puff Punch – Nick Diaz Not Candid About Cannabis Use

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Puff Puff Punch – Nick Diaz Not Candid About Cannabis Use

Like it or not, lots of americans use marijuana on a recreational basis. There are big discussions going on today about whether or not the government should legalize weed and tax it to help fix our financial crisis. More and more people, including celebrities are being open about their marijuana use. The drug is becoming less and less viewed as criminal behavior. Superstar MMA fighter Nick Diaz has been choking on more than his opponents submission moves. Diaz openly admits that he uses marijuana and is not worried about taking a drug test for the athletic commission. Here is a quote from the LA Times.

“I’m more consistent about everything being a cannabis user. I’m happy to get loaded, hear some good music . . . I remain consistent. And I have an easy way to deal with [the drug tests]. I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I’ll be fine.”

I am not condoning this, or advocating marijuana by any means. But, you have to hand it to Nick for being a straight shooter and telling it like it is. Most people lie about it and cover it up. After all, marijuana obviously has not stopped Michael Phelps from being the greatest swimmer of all times, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping Nick Diaz from competing in triathlons and professional MMA. The same can not be said about most of the other drugs out there.

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