Nick Diaz and Marijuana, Does it Help or Hurt? Should He Quit?

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Nick Diaz and Marijuana, Does it Help or Hurt? Should He Quit?

Nick Diaz has been denied a license to compete in the the Carano vs Cyborg Strikeforce Event on August 15th.  According to MMA Weekley, Diaz failed to show up for a pre-fight drug test which is mandated by the California State Athletic Commission.  Diaz possesses a medical marijuana license and has been very open about his marijuana use in the past.  It seems the timing of the CSAC’s drug test would not allow Diaz to properly cleanse his system of the drug prior to testing.  Here is what Diaz’s trainer and manager Cesar Gracie said about the incident.

“They changed it without any notification,” said Gracie. “No one had any time. The old guys were doing things based off of California law, and I knew California law didn’t change. He’s licensed… it’s legal. They’re own legal team came out with a ruling that said (compassionate use was allowed). Then all of a sudden they’re saying we’re doing drug tests, and cannabis is included, it’s not just performance enhancers. To flush it out of his system, it takes 10 days, and we don’t have that.”

While it seems that Diaz’s marijuana use has not physically inhibited his ability to compete at a high athletic level, the rules and regulations surrounding the substance are creating a huge obstacle for Diaz’s fighting career.   Diaz may be able to be physically comptetitive in his triathalons and his MMA fights, but if he can’t pass these drug tests he will not be allowed to compete.  Will this be the turning point for Diaz?  Will Diaz be forced to give up his use of Marijuana to continue on as an athelete?

We would like to hear your thoughts.  Do you think Marijuana helps or inhibit a fighters ability to fight?  Should Diaz quit using Marijuana to continue his fighting career?

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