NFL Week 8 Picks and Predictions

Couch Potato Blitz: Week 8

NFL Week 8 pick’em time is here! If anything, week 7 taught me to expect the unexpected when making my selections this week. I was a disappointed 7-7 bringing my season total to 66-38 – still better than most of these so-called experts I see.

Allow me to stray away from the NFL for sec and be a little “Negative Norman.” Week 8 lands on Halloween this year making me very upset. Instead of watching the Saints and Steelers, I will be trick or treating with my son. For grown men in a relationship, Halloween becomes the worst holiday of the year. 1) I can buy candy and 2) all the visual stimulants a.k.a. checking out females dressed up like Super Hero Whores is done.

Sorry about that rant — let’s get back to who’s going to win and why in week 8. For some fantasy football advice read, blunder-ful head coaching of Brad Childress. This Jets team will be the toughest opponent they have faced this year. Many people were jumping off the bandwagon before last week’s win. Even a solid performance could have people looking to hitch a ride again.

I like Rex Ryan to blitz Aaron Rodgers like he just slapped momma Ryan in the face. LaDainian Tomlinson adds more weight on the shoulders of whoever needs to fire AJ Smith in San Diego.

Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers – The NFL has been trying to expand its marketability in Europe – still not sure why because their football is actually soccer. I feel like we promised England a five course meal and we are actually sending them a Hungry Man TV dinner.

I have no idea who will win this game, but I am taking the 49ers based on Troy Smith. Yes, the Heisman Trophy award winning Smith. I like what little I have seen of him in the NFL. Kyle Orton may have the bigger game, but I like Smith to make plays and lean on Frank Gore.

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers – Ready to throw another log on the firing of Smith and Norv Turner? The Chargers get the Titans. A team that is everything San Diego is not. Well coached, they can run the ball, play great defense, and make plays on special teams.

If the Chargers can establish the run early, Antonio Gates stays healthy, and snow falls in San Diego I will switch my pick to the Chargers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals beat the Saints, the Saints lost to the Browns and beat the Buccaneers who beat the Browns. This isn’t a riddle it is an indication of how hard this game is to pick.

I love that Raheem Morris said the Bucs are the best team in the NFC, as if that means anything – also not true for the record. However I like Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams more than whoever starts at QB for Arizona, Beanie Wells, and Tim Hightower.

Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots – The fact that Randy Moss played for the Patriots for the past three plus seasons means nothing to me. For all I know, he never even studied the playbook – he only knows one route. With that being said, I know Moss wants to have a big game and I believe he will.

If I combine that with the desperation of the Vikings I smell a road win. Plus I know Brett Favre wants to end Tom Brady’s home winning streak before he get close to his personal record.

Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders – The Raiders looked like the police during the LA riots the way they beat the Broncos so bad last weekend. Jason Campbell and Darren McFadden had tremendous games. Pete Carroll has over achieved in first season and this weekend it will be evident.

The Raiders defense can play great when they want to. For the first time in long time Oakland can smell the division title, which is a welcome change from the stench of Al Davis.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New Orleans Saints – Would people please quit classifying the terrible play of the Saints on a Super Bowl hangover. The truth about both them and the Colts is they are battling injuries at crucial spots.

If Drew Brees struggled against the Browns defense, I can only imagine what the Steelers are planning to do to him. Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall will look to take advantage of a soft defense. It’s a good thing the Big Easy will be celebrating Halloween all the way to kickoff, because they are going to need a distraction from the whooping they are going to take.

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts – When the Colts lose on Monday night, I hope I don’t hear one person say it was because Dallas Clark and Austin Collie were out. All I have heard is how Peyton Manning can make anyone great.

In week 1 Arian Foster erupted on the scene with a video game style performance. You could have driven a Buick through the holes that were created. Matt Schaub was off in the first meeting, but after the bye week he and Andre Johnson will be hooking up like a couple of high school kids, all day long!

Thank you for getting your “CPB” on for another week. Please check out which of your fantasy players will be giving you tricks or treats in Week 8 Fantasy Start’em and Sit’em.

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