Neil Warnock: Crystal Palace’s Legendary Manager

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Neil Warnock: Crystal Palace’s Legendary Manager

No, I’m not saying he’s the most intelligent, the most tactful, or even the richest manager they’ve ever had.

Instead I’m just saying this – he’s the best.

Why do I say this? Look to Sunday 14th February, when Crystal Palace played rivals Aston Villa.

In typical Neil Warnock fashion, he swore fantastically at the camera, hand gestures and all, prompting ITV to make yet another Neil Warnock-related apology.

The Times describe him as a man ‘not afraid of controversy’, and Gary Naylor, one of football‘s greatest thinkers, describes him as one of the few football managers you either love or hate. I’m definitely ticking the ‘love’ box on my form.

He definitely doesn’t mind shouting out exactly what he thinks, that’s for sure.

Looking back at the post-game interview on Sunday, I’m sure he’s regretting saying some of those things he said, with ‘disgrace’ ‘criminal’ and ‘foul’ being a few of the words he exchanged with the cameramen.

I suppose there was a case for Neil Warnock’s anger though.

Crystal Palace played exceptionally well, especially as they held a winning spot twice during their game with Aston Villa, and were extremely unlucky to concede to a goal from a corner, that should definitely not have been allowed.

In case you didn’t watch the match, Aston Villa managed to score a highly-controversial goal from a corner, which should have clearly been a goal kick.

But in pure retrospect, hadn’t Crystal Palace done the same thing to the Wolves only a matter of days ago? Even though they won by a large margin, the first goal scored during that match was an incorrectly awarded corner.

And what did Neil Warnock say that time?

Football is a funny game.’

All the time smiling.

This time round however, he’s not looking so happy. Does anyone feel like repeating those words to Neil Warnock? I sure do.

However, later on in the evening, after Neil had finished his long, boring whine about him battling against unfair odds all his life, he transformed again into the funny man we all know, even joking about Aston Villa’s line up.

It was a good job that I forgot my glasses,’ Neil joked, ‘or the team sheet would have frightened me to death!’

Warnock then complimented rival team Aston Villa’s very own O’Neil, describing him as a ‘fantastic manager’. Aww. Like a true father of Crystal Palace.

Neil Warnock might seem cheeky and vile to those he triumphs over, but he’s definitely one of the funniest managers football has at the moment, and we need more of them in this all too serious game.

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