Fitness Solutions

Fitness Solutions

Improving ones fitness can be a very rewarding journey, but taking the initial step from a sedentary life to an active lifestyle can be daunting and confusing. Most beginners have a vague idea what is needed, but executing a successful exercise program and dietary routine, which is going to be effective and sustainable, can leave many scratching their heads. Improving fitness does not need to be a difficult task, taking gradual steps to become more active can lead to very promising results in the long term, and ensuring you choose activities which are enjoyable will mean your new healthier and fitter lifestyle is sustainable and fruitful. Below are some fitness solutions for the home, we have something for everyone, whether you wish to incorporate a quick ten minute workout with minimal equipment, or building your own home gym!

Resistance cords

Resistance cords allow for a smooth resistance to be applied to bodily movements, improving muscular strength, functionality and flexibility. With various strength cords available, and cords with different handles, there is a wide selection for a selection exercises and strength levels. The resistance cords are also very convenient, with the cords easily stored in a draw or under the bed.

Gym balls

The popularity of gym balls has increased over the past few years, with the versatile equipment great for improving functionality and core strength especially. With various ball sizes available, and anti burst skins, gym balls can be a great addition to a small scale home set up. The number of exercises possible on the gym ball makes it a staple piece of gym equipment, and a great investment. There are many DVDs available which talk and illustrate the exercises which can be performed on the gym ball, something which may be worth a look to ensure you get maximum use and results from the ball.

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are a long standing and useful piece of fitness equipment, with cycling being very effective at increasing cardiovascular fitness and endurance. There is a large range of exercise bikes available on the market, and many will not be cost effective for home use. It is possible to get a decent exercise bike for under a couple of hundred pound however, with the onboard ability to measure important parameters such as distance, speed and pulse. Using the measurement of the pulse it is possible to exercise within a range which is said to be optimal for improving fitness levels, or alternatively a range which is said to be ideal for fat loss.

Treadmills are a favourite piece of fitness equipment by many, and for a home environment which has the available space it could prove an ideal fitness solution. Although many treadmills are commercial grade, there are treadmills available for home use which are designed for the limited space a home set up poses. Being able to go for a early morning run to fuel your fitness achievements without leaving your house has some nice advantages, especially in the winter!

Free weight kits

Free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, do not commonly enter the head when thinking of the word “fitness”, but they should. Fitness has many components, including strength, power and speed. Whilst many will focus mainly on cardiovascular training to improve endurance and heart function, improving overall fitness should involve training to strength the muscles of the body.

Spinlock dumbbells sets can be one of the best investments made when searching for fitness equipment. The exercises available to you are near limitless, being able to target and strengthen the major muscles of the body. If you have the space then a good standard weight bench could be another addition to the set up, allowing for a number of additional exercises (a bench press which allows for a controllable incline will allow for a greater range of exercise choice), such as the bench press.

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