Merion Johns Asks for Forgiveness

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Merion Johns Asks for Forgiveness

Famous American runner Marion Jonesasked the American President, George Bush, to relax the verdict she received. The athlete was sentenced to spend six month in jail for giving false testimony to the FBI agents. Representative of the Department of Justice of USA said that Johns has sent the petition to the President. Such documents are reviewed and after that the Department of Justice announces recommendation whether the punishment should be relaxed or not. In most cases the requests of petitions are not granted.

Let us remind you that the American runner was sentenced to spend six months in jail when the judgement was passed in January 2008. The athlete was returned guilty for testifying that she did not use unlawful drugs when FBI was investigating dope cases among American athletes.

Formerly, Marion Jones has already confessed that she used dope prior to the Olympic Games in the year 2000, in Sydney. Her confession, however, had little effect on the court’s decision. Moreover, Olympic committee also ruled to take away the five awards at once (including three gold medals), which she won in Olympics 2000.

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