Mary-Louise Parker’s Vegetarian “Weeds”

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Mary-Louise Parker’s Vegetarian “Weeds”

Even if you don’t get cable you’ve probably seen the ads or read the reviews.  Mary-Louise Parker plays a mother who sells marijuana.  I know, totally implausible, right?  Who cares!?!

She looks great, she’s over 40, and she’s a fantastic actor.  However, how is it that a woman who’s over 40 plays a super-skinny mom that sells weed?  How do you end up looking like that?

Sure, it’s partially good genes. She got lucky, she got all the looks in the family, and she’s famous — that helps.  Basically, there’s got to be something else.  There’s got to be a “secret” or a “plan” or something.

Being a Vegetarian Doesn’t Hurt

Ok, if you’re on this site looking to get big I can understand why those would be a major problem for you.  You need protein and you need it in bulk.  I totally get that.

Just think for a minute about what the influence of a vegetarian diet can do for you.  Perhaps this is something you can add to your regular diet to spruce things up a little.

If you’re looking to get fit, and not necessarily big, then you may want to follow Mary-Louise Parker’s diet and exercise routine more like the gospel.  Take what you need and leave the rest.

Taking a vegetarian bent every once in a while will help you clean yourself out and puts you on a better track to follow much of the nutritional advice Heather puts out on the site. Also, just thinking vegetarian will help you incorporate the right amount of non-proteins into your diet so you don’t overdo it.

Maybe you could replace rice with quinoa.  Maybe you could try tempeh instead of tofu.  Eat nuts — a good source of protein — to fuel your workouts.  Try to take a vegetarian approach every now and then to clear your head and make a small change.

So, Mary-Louise Parker is hot because she’s a vegetarian?  Nope!  However, vegetarians can benefit from certain kinds of exercise, certain routines, and a certain frame of mind. Vegetarians can work out to help maximize their vegetarian diets.  You can use some of these exercises to aid your periodic forays into vegetarian eating.

Don’t Forget About Recovery

Besides the fact that skinny little Mary-Louise Parker probably doesn’t slam weights like a maniac at the gym, being a vegetarian doesn’t support recovery from hard workouts.  She can’t afford to lift like a bodybuilder because she wouldn’t be able to function afterward.

Heavy weights and low reps build muscle, but light weights and multiple reps help lean out muscle.  Add in some more cardio instead of just living at the gym.  Take a little more time off and get into some stretching like yoga or Pilates.

You can easily build lean muscle and slim down.  If you’re trying to bodybuild, you’ll want to make sure you are supplementing with protein powder, shakes, and vitamins. Make choices based on what you’re trying to accomplish today, this week, or this month.  You can take a skinny actress’ workout routine and make it work for you whenever you want.

The Workouts

You’re definitely going to have to break up your workouts, and take special care to work one region of the body per day.  Also, many vegetarians will take two or three days off every week because of the recovery time needed.

Now put that into play for someone like a working actor.  If you’re shooting all day long you don’t have a ton of time, you don’t want to be hurting all the time, and you don’t want to bulk up (since the camera adds 10 pounds.)

Take the days off that make the most sense to you, but those days for an average working person, are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You can change these to suit your tastes, but if you’re doing a “vegetarian week” or “vegetarian month” you need three days off for a good recovery.

Chest and Triceps

Cable Crossover — Take a solid standing position at the machine with your feet shoulder width apart.  Push, don’t pull, the cable forward and cross your arms as you lock out your elbows.  Slowly release the weight as you control the cable on its decent. Complete two sets of ten reps each.

Incline Bench Press — Lay down with your feet pointed towards the floor on the incline bench.  Use a light weight that you are very comfortable with and complete three sets of six reps each.

Back and Biceps

Chin-ups — I know you can’t imagine a skinny mini doing a ton of chin-ups, but that’s why they have a machine at the gym for this purpose!  If you’re uncomfortable doing a traditional chin-up, just use the machine.

Set the weight to something that you are comfortable with and complete 50 if you dare!  You may need to start with a much smaller number, but that’s why you want to use the machine.  There’s no shame in it — you’re working out like everyone else.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls — Take a relatively light weight in each hand.  You’re going to alternate arms as you complete three sets of ten reps each.  Be sure to perform the curls slowly.  Once again, imagine a skinny woman trying to bang these out.  It doesn’t happen.  Take your time so you don’t hurt yourself.


Single-leg curl — Lay down on the bench and complete three sets of six reps each on each leg.  Again, take your time because this exercise should be elongating muscle.

Squats — This is the kind of thing superstar actor can do on-set, in their trailer, or at home when they have no time on their hands.  If you want to up the ante you could do the squats with dumbbells in-hand or with a barbell on your shoulders.

Complete two warm-up sets of five reps each.  After that complete four sets of six reps each.

Shoulders and Traps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press — Use a lighter weight and hold each dumbbell at your ear.  Push the dumbbells straight up in the air and slowly lower them back down.  Complete four sets of eight reps each.

Dumbbell Shrugs — Take a dumbbell that you are comfortable with and hold your arms in front of you with your elbows locked.  Support the weight and shrug your shoulders.  You’ll end up slightly lifting the weights and working your shoulders.

Complete two sets of eight reps each.

Just remember that, at the end of the day, you can alter the weights to your liking but you still may want to keep thinking vegetarian.  Give yourself a break every now and then so your body can repair itself from all of those crazy lifting sessions.

You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but thinking like one might just do you some good!

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