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lean muscle gains

Lean Muscle Gains

Lean muscle gains are desired by many, with the very aesthetically pleasing look of a well conditioned muscular body, with minimal body fat levels, a goal of many gym goers. Unfortunately, there is much misinformation when it comes to gaining sustainable lean muscle, whilst keeping body fat gains to a minimal. Lean muscle gains require a varied approach, with efforts in the kitchen matching the effort placed in the gym. Lets take a look at the dietary requirements, and the training regime, of a person wishing to successfully add lean muscle gain over the long term.

The training involved for lean muscle gains is no different than training for all out mass. Building muscle is the aim, and therefore the training technique and intensity should reflect this. Repetitions should not be increased, increasing the repetition range will not lead to more quality or leaner muscle gains, a strange myth fuelled by the apparent increase in repetition work performed by competitive bodybuilders the weeks before a competition. The reason behind the increase repetition work by many competitive bodybuilders prior competition is due to decreased energy levels, increased chance of injury, the increase in calories expelled, and the goal of maintaining muscle during low calorie intake opposed to trying to gain it. The repetition work during the quest for lean muscle gains should remain between 8 and 12, with maximum muscle hypertrophy commonly experienced during this range.

Another bogus training principal, which seems to stem from competitive bodybuilders prior to competition, is the need to include more isolation work for lean muscle gains. Competitive bodybuilders will include a lot of isolation work during workouts is due to a) their advanced training which requires focus upon lagging body parts, and detailed sculpture of the body, and b) the same reasons outlined for the increase in repetition ranges prior to competition. Lean muscle gains will not be a result of training principals, but instead a result of increase muscle hypertrophy (growth) and an effort to ensure body fat is kept to a minimal.

The dietary intake of a bodybuilder or gym goer who wishes to gain lean muscle should focus on the quality and necessary nutrients needed for workouts and muscle gains, whilst ensuring the diet remains clean to reduce body fat gains. James Collier has composed a sample meal plan for lean muscle gains, see – Meal Plan for a Bodybuilder Looking to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle. The meal plan includes quality dietary sources for the nutrients your body will crave when building muscle, whilst including low glycaemic index carbohydrates, clean foods, and frequent feedings to reduce the chance of over eating.

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