Lyoto Machida’s Pee Pee Therapy

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Lyoto Machida’s Pee Pee Therapy

You may have heard that Lyoto Machida drinks his own pee. Well, it is not a rumor, he does. Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, according to Lyoto’s father, Yoshizo Machida, drinking your own pee helps provide amazing immunity benefits. Here is a piece from Sherdog’s interview with Yoshizo:

Sherdog: What about urine therapy. How did you start doing that?

Yoshizo: Actually, this technique was used in China and India a long time ago. I started doing that after reading a book about a Japanese doctor who was in World War II. When the medicines ran out, he told the soldiers to drink their urine, and it worked as a vaccine. I started doing that three years ago, and it’s working fine. I never get sick anymore. Lyoto is doing the same, and he also likes the results.”

While this may sound disgusting, both Yoshizo and Lyoto are vouching for the technique.  If anyone one has tried this, please leave a comment and let us know if this has worked for you.

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