Lyoto Machida Talks Training and Diet

Lyoto Machida

Our friend Johnny Testa from provided this killer Lyoto Machida Interview.   Machida is a fighter that everyone is curious about right now.  He is a different kind of fighter and very mysterious character.  Everyone is curious to know what makes Machida tick and why he is so good.  Machida was cool enough to pony up a little information for the fans and talked a little bit about his training and diet.  Take a look:  

Besides karate, which other fighting styles do you focus on the most when training for an upcoming fight?

My main focus is karate, which is my strength. I am also a jiujitsu black belt, and I train my ground skills regularly, and I spar to simulate a fight.

What does your week consist of when training? 

In the mornings at around 5:30 a.m., I train karate with my family. In the afternoons I alter between training jiujitsu and sparring. After training I rest, then go on to strength and conditioning.

What do you do to train for endurance and cardio?

My regular training alone gives me an intense cardio workout as well.

How long do you normally train in a day?

I train two or three times a day for about two hours each session.

How long a break would you take between fights before getting back to your training?

It really depends on how long I have until my next fight.  A regular training camp for a fight will last around 12 weeks, but other than that I’m always training to maintain my conditioning and stay in shape.

Do you have any tips for our readers on how to maximize their training?

Be persistent and consistent.

What kind of diet are you on when training for a fight?

I eat very healthy all the time, low on fats and sweets and no fried foods.

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