Lift Like You Were Dying

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Lift Like You Were Dying

So I have been getting one too many e-mails lately about new users asking me insanely stupid questions, and how this is their first , second, or third cycle.

Now trust me , I don’t mind helping, I actually enjoy it, but pure stupidity is just plain unacceptable.

It normally goes along the lines of  ” Why am I not gaining weight” or ” Why isn’t my body fat going down” or my favorite ” Why isn’t my strength going up”. Now in certain context these aren’t bad questions, but when I have to spend 3-5 e-mails dragging out of you that you only eat 3 times a day or your eating fatty foods or your working out twice a week, it becomes unacceptable.

Half measures avail us NOTHING!!!!!!! Meaning you should only do steroids if your willing to do all of the required steps.

I have to say I am sooooooooo tired of lazy people using steroids to avoid actually working hard.

Guess what that doesn’t work and I love to watch the same people whine and cry that their gains are nearly as good as they are suppose to be, or how they are getting fat, and so many other comments that refer to their en-ate ability to mess up a wet dream.

So before you do your next cycle, think first.  Am I willing to clean up my diet, can I work out at least 5 days a week, am I willing to stop or subside my drinking for this time period.

Other good questions are , am I willing to push the card, will I lift until I see stars , then take a 30 second break and go back to it.  Am I willing to finish a work out and if I have any strength left I go and do some extra sets.

Also am I willing to make sure I get the 7-8 hours of sleep a night I will need to grow properly.

Here are some of my personal opinions , so they are not fact by any means , but common sense should be used.

I think anyone over 20% BF should never do a bulker, and if you do don’t complain when gyno makes you Dolly Parton.

I don’t believe anyone that has been lifting consistently less then 6-8 months should use steroids, steroids should only be used when your natural limits have been met. If you don’t know what the compounds you are using are, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON STEROIDS.

Guns don’t kill, steroids don’t kill, ignorance does!

Quick Checklist before you plan your next cycle:

  1. Is my diet in place, if not get it going a minimum of 3 months before you start.
  2. Have I reached my natural potential? If not keep working.
  3. What are the compounds I want to use and why, then double check with a Vet to see if it is reasonable, and if the doses are acceptable.
  4. Do I have all the needed supplements to help protect myself from possible side effects i.e. saw palmetto , milk thistle or liv-52, vitamin C, vitamin B, etc. Do I have nolvadex on hand, and is my PCT properly planned.
  5. Get your blood work done. Get your BP done a full physical is my recommendation.
  6. Do I have a good work out routine, and will it help me maximize  my gains, if your not sure, get help from knowledgeable people.
  7. Finally do I have a reputable source? This is way more important then you think, not because they might not send anything, more so because if they do send it and it is fake, God only knows what is in it and whether it is sterile.

This is one of many many write ups on the trials of thought that must go on in order to get what you need done, and to maximize the gains.

Be intelligent , be conservative, and and make sure to cover all the main bases.

And when everything is in place, ” Lift Like You Were Dying”.

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