Kyle Maynard – The Disabled Master

Have you ever seen the movie “Crippled Masters“? It is a pretty cool kung fu flick where a man with no arms teams up with a man with no legs and becomes the ultimate kung fu fighting force. The movie was cool, but I really thought it was far fetched when I saw it. Not anymore. Kyle Maynard has proven that you can have a disability and still be a tough fighting force.

Kyle Maynard is an amputee who has no arms from the elbow down and no legs from the knee down. This hasn’t stopped Kyle from living his dreams. Against all odds, Kyle Maynard successfully competed in high school wrestling with a senior record of 35-16. With his success in wrestling, he is now looking to become a mixed martial arts fighter. On April 25th, Kyle will be making his MMA debut at an event called Auburn Fight Night. Few people would simply attempt competing in Mixed Martial Arts. Kyle is going to do it with no arms and no legs, what a stud.

Incase you don’t believe, take a look at this clip that shows Kyle wrestling and gives some background on him. What a cool guy. I will definitely be rooting for him.

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