I Feel The Holiday Spirit!!!

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I Feel The Holiday Spirit!!!

I sit here in front of my computer a very happy man.  This is not my own doing, I thank the countless E-mails I received from readers who contacted me for countless reasons, and was very happy to help and thank the kind words they spoke.  Let me make it clear, I like helping when I can and appreciate when good men and women allow me to do so.  So those who have a question or a comment please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

Next I know my blogs of late have been off topic and brief but only because I am working on quite a few big projects that will be unleashed very soon and hope you enjoy my hard work.

 While on this topic I received an E-mail from a knowledgable expert and he wants to give an E-Book to all for free.  This is a huge gesture of Good Will to others and suggest all that are interested take them up on this very nice offer.  Those interested please E-mail me and I will pass on the info to the author.

Lastly my tip of the day is the Pinch Technique, I use this and it works very well in the shoulders and thighs.  The way I do it is after cleaning the area and my hands, I locate the area where I normally inject.  Next I gently pinch the meat surrounding the area around the injection site with 2 fingers, and once you place it in you release the 2 fingers, hit desired depth, aspirate, and slowly inject. I have just started a Facebook page for anyone interested, I am under Thomas Zidane (not my real name) so feel free to add me.  Thank you for your patience.

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