How to Wake up the Falcons!

Now, before you starting thinking I am a crazy, vampire Twilight movie fan – stop!  I am actually a football fan, too.  

I’ve read some of the posts here about NFC or AFC and thought this post of Twilight movie star Kristen Stewart throwing a football. 

Some of you can’t stay up late and watch the late, late shows on television. That said, the other night Jimmy Fallon welcomed Twilight’s leading lady – Kristen Stewart.  After an appearance on Jay Leno – Taylor Lautner mentioned that Kristen has quite a throwing arm.  Then, on Jimmy Fallon’s show – Jimmy tests her skills in the interview!  

She’s pretty darn good at it too – just take a look Falcons. You might want to sign her up, although it might be hard to concentrate on the game; particularly if she is wearing that dress; or use her as a distraction for the opponent.

I can’t embed the clip, but click here to go to Movie Roar, roll the page down to the third clip where you see Kristen holding the football and watch her do her thing.

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