Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

Holidays weren’t that big of a deal to me for a long time.  I am not sure what it was about them, maybe how most people see holidays as another to receive.

It always seemed to me people had their hands out, and that just pissed me off. With age I have learned that I am powerless over everybody else, and can only control myself ( sometimes that is even hard ).  These past few years I started to enjoy the holidays for what they are, a time to share with the people that matter most.

I wanted to address something that bothers me very much.

I notice a pattern of hate from our members towards issues that are insignificant.  People are more worried and up in arms , about rumors that someone might have said than the scumbags hurting our fellow brothers for a buck.

I know I have been beating this topic to death, but over the last few months, I had a few gentleman come to me from OLM , and tell me how they got banned for flaming a source.

How is this respectable?  How can you call this very large board legit when practices of such are going on. I personally ripped apart a source on my board and guess what, nothing happened.

You know why? Well because it is my right to display my disgust for a sub par source.

The other side of this is how can you consider yourself a legit MOD when you ban someone for commenting on a source you get kick backs from? The answer is, your nothing but a two bit bitch if you do anything like that.

I have had people criticise me on my own blog and I approved the comments just the same, because people have rights, to have their own opinion.

So trash me if you may, but in my eyes your are nothing but a sucker who hides behind a keyboard.

I remember I was once on Alin’sBoard, and I got ripped for posting the AR PCT article, so I debated with these members just for the hell of it. Not one of them could explain to me why the PCT couldn’t work, nope they just commented their own opinions about AR. That to me is pure ignorance.

Why sit there and act like something is wrong because you don’t like the author.

I may lose a few readers, but anyone willing to back up a scumbag, I don’t want on my team.  So I mean no disrespect to OLM , I do mean disrespect to members of OLM who do shady things.

Please tell me why it is ok to ban someone because they flame a source, if the source is legit it will survive even with those comments.

Anyway this was my 100th post and I thank all my readers, can’t write if you don’t read it. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at [email protected] , thank you.

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