Gym and Varicose Veins

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Gym and Varicose Veins

We all know that excess weight produces extra stress on our legs, which in turn leads to development of varicose veins. On the one hand, fight against excess weight is a step forward in getting rid of varicose veins. On the other hand, weight loss often requires physical exercising like jogging, fitness, aerobics, while some of those exercises are not recommended for people with varicose veins. Strength training in this case helps, but has to be done in caution.

Development of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins develop slowly. At first, the skin pigmentation changes, it becomes dry, and some brown spots appear. As the disease progresses, trophic disorders appear in the form of poorly healing cuts, which look like eczema or ulcers. Pain appears in the second half of the day. Furthermore, as the varicose veins keep on developing, the size of the veins increases, as well as the forms change, and elasticity declines.

Consult a Doctor before Gym

If the disease is at its early stage, then gym is the place where you will be assisted by instructors, who will treat your leg muscles with care and will help your veins as well. However, make sure to consult your doctor before signing up for a gym, especially if you notice that swelling does not go away even after you take rest.

Best Exercises for Varicose Veins

Exercises in the swimming pool are the most appropriate type of workout under the conditions of this disease, since this type of sport exerts minimal amount of stress on legs. Gym workouts are also acceptable; you can turn to both aerobic and weight-lifting exercises. Aerobic exercises will rid you of excess weight, while weigh-lifting will strengthen your muscles. When choosing the training machines, pick the ones which exert the least amount of stress on veins. A horizontal bike is a good choice. Lying leg raises are also acceptable for people with varicose veins. Treadmill can be used in moderate amount, and only with the doctor’s permission. Try to pay a lot of attention to stretching and make sure to do good warm-up at the beginning of the workout. Yoga and Pilates also do wonders for people with this type of disease.

Exercises to Avoid with Varicose Veins

Those having varicose veins should avoid exercises with step-platforms, intensive aerobics, and jumps as part of workout. They should also avoid squats with weights and any other type of weightlifting where legs play important role.

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