Gina Carano on UFC vs Strikeforce: “Strikeforce is Coming Up”

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Gina Carano on UFC vs Strikeforce: “Strikeforce is Coming Up”

SteroidsLive recently had a chance to ask Gina Carano about her past discussions with the UFC and her current positioning with the Strikeforce organization. Carano explained in her own words that she feels Strikeforce is on the rise as a top notch MMA promotion and is the best place for her and other fighters to be right now.

“I think that Strikeforce is coming up and (is) going to be a great vehicle for all fighters and I think it’s great because it kind of evens out the sport in a huge way also having Strikeforce and Showtime and they’re not shying away from putting these female fights on so I think that’s going to do wonders for Strikeforce and Showtime.”

“Since Strikeforce is into promoting women, I think it’s just a better place for women right now and maybe later on in the future that will happen for the UFC but this is the best possible vehicle we can possibly ask for, for women right now.”

Check out the full audio clip to hear what Gina says about the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White

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