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Winny cycle.. who k...
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Winny cycle.. who knows about this?

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I never in my life did juice before, so i did 4 amps of sus 250 for 3 weeks, but was highly allergic to it so i had to drop it. I am now on 200 mg of decca a week and take e/o day 1 amp of 50mg of winstrol depot…after this cycle will i be ripped up if i work out very intense with a proffesional trainer? I have 19 amps of winnny 50mg and 1 amp of decca 200mg left. I finished 5 200mg decca already and 6 amps of winny 50mg…..ShoulD I Also take D-bol while on this? I Just wanna be ripped up…and get rid on my baby fat…im 6 4 210 lbs

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Thats a messy lookin cycle bro..just keep the winny going and forget the Dbol it will bloat u up.

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I’m with cyphon….odd cycle bro. and dont use the Dbol.

cardio and diet are the only things that will rip you up. the winny will only help, but wont do the work for you.

I’m curious…how did you know you are allergic to sustenon?

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you were doing 1000mg of sust a week for your first cycle?

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i was looking at that as well…..was it 1000mg/wk or were you ramping up like this: wk 1 250mg wk 2 250mg wk 3 500mg

if it was 1000mg, that’s way to much for a first cycle….no wonder you had some kind of reaction to it… 500mg is plenty….

Hopefully you’ll do a lot more research before you start your next cycle… can learn a lot on this board….

keep going on the winstrol til its gone….

TG is right….ya wanna get ripped ?…Diet and cardio til ya wanna puke