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Weekly Or Bi-weekly Injections?

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With enanthate, what would be better? I have heard so many different time periods for it’s half life, I dont know what is accurate.Thanks.

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It stay’s active for about 2 weeks but we all know that if you want to gain serious muscle you’ll have to inject more often I’ve used Enanthate many times and I’ve tryed severeal different ways I’ve used 200mg one week then uped it a little then uped it the next week and so on and so on! Then I’ve tryed doing 1-200mg shot Everyother day and that seemed to work pretty well also, but when it comes right down to it. It’s all the same I think!

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I would inject two times a week.If you do 400mg split it 200 on Monday and 200 on Friday.If you do 600 than 300/300. Judging by your question you don’t use more than 600/week, and it’s good for you.

Make sure you have Clomid,in case of gyno and for after cycle,to restart your testicles and prevent crash.