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hey brother,

Give me that name of something that I can take orally that will make me super strongth and aggressive. NOt worried about the size at this time. I am going to start my second cycle soon, but I need something for when I take my “Black-Belt” Test!!

I want to be insane!! :curs NOt really but you guys know what I am saying.

One of my elements is I have to fight a (6) man attack! So I want to be on point! I need something that will happen fast!

Thanks bros!

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Halo for agression and power, Ritalin for focus and concentration.

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What about methyltest?

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Good one flexin’ I forgot all about ritalin. I used to pop up to 7 of those bad boys before my baseball games, the shit works for concentration and energy, I took 3 out of the park in one game on that stuff and pitched nearly a perfect game, the only downside was I couldnt fall asleep until about 6 in the morning and I felt like shit.

(I wouldnt take 7 now, I can barely handle 3 without bouncing off the walls)