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Foolproof And Good
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Foolproof And Good

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OK – admitting food is a hobby here – but this works, and chicken breasts need all the help we can give em:

Skinless chicken breasts
Garlic – fresh and thinly sliced – I would say 1 clove per 3 breasts.
1/2 tsp good Paprika (not stale, nice scent) – for 3 – double for 6-10
Lemon – juice of 1 – again, per 3 breasts

This should work for anywhere from 3 to many many pieces – put all of the stuff – chicken, garlic, paprika and lemon – into a plastic zip bag – size dependent on how much you are working with – and close and mix it up by massaging it – stick in fridge for minimum of 2 hrs. – overnight is even fine (won’t be too strong).

dry em off a little just before cooking – flavor is inside now

Grill on charcoal (ideal) – or grill pan (also fine) – or broil – in all cases, no addl fat necessary

They color very well, and this combo makes em very very tasty

appreciate feedback….:D

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Looks like an interesting recipe GrishA. Ill try it next week. Thanks.