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What Helps To Pass a Drug Test??

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Hey guys!

I have recently run into a sticky situation..
My job has decided on random drug checks. I heard that Gold Seal, Vinegar, Green Tea, and Cranberry Juice help greatly. IS THIS TRUE?

I can sure use your expertise, as time is running out before “D-Day”.

Thanks a million!!!!!

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Son, what kind of drugs have you been taking?

If you are on steroids then it should be no problem with the urine test as businesses along with most govt. jobs do not test for steroids, this is to costly for them. Unless you are being tested as an athlete such as college, pro or olympic, you have nothing to worry about.

Keep the faith, Thick

Ps: The only thing you should be concerned about is if you have been using products which contain a form of Ephedrine as these products can give a false positive reading on amphetamines.

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The best bet is to dilute your sample. Not by adding water to the cup but, by drinking a lot of water.

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HOW TO PASS A DRUG TEST? DON’T DO DRUGS!!! HA!hA! j/kidding. If it is just a job drug test, they don’t test for the Juice. It costs an extra 2k to screen from this. I was in the military and took drug tests all the time while on cycle and passed. No prob. You should be okay, unless this is what they are specifically looking for then they can only prove that you have raised test levels above normal. All you have to tell them is that you are taking a lot of prohormone drugs…legal from GNC. Then they are limited in what they can do…nothing. GoodLuck and GodSpeed Iron Bro..

Also you don’t want to be loaded full of golden seal as they do test for that. Then you will definitely be can b/c they are gonna wonder why you are urinating goldenseal. ha!ha!