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Loseing Some Weight...
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Loseing Some Weight Before Hard Core Lifting

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im 5ft 4in tall 200lbs gained about 30extra lbs on a knee replacement tried diet and others things but am no mood to die trying i want t0 know what about clenbuterol,triac and ephendrine to lose my weight while working out can someone help other boards seem to be insulted by my lack of knoledge but i need real life info to make my decesions and research only is as good as how you know how to use it?????

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Hey bro welcome, the exact question you are asking can be found by either doing a search(by using the search button) or just browsing through the post. If you still don’t find it then post back here and someone will help you.

Questions are welcomed here.

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Insulted HA?! We love when people want to learn!!! I guess you came at the right place 🙂

Clen (Clenbuterol) is a widely used broncodiator, prescribed for treatment of asthma. This drug has properties somewhat similar to adrenaline (not our good friend Adrenaline who started this wonderful board). Clenbuterol is working by elevation of the body temperature – it has thermogenic properties. I also have some strength boosting effect. (similar to ephedrine).

It is important to gradually increase the dose – and not to jump right to the max. Start with on tablet (20mg) per day and increase each day till you reach maximum dose of 8 tabs per day (160mg). You should be monitoring your body temperature, once it goes down to normal – the drug has no more fat burning effect. However Clen must be cycled for not more than 2-3 weeks on followed by 2 weeks off. During the weeks off – it’s good idea to keep using E/C/A stack (25/200/325)

Example of a 21 day Clen cycle would be: 123456677888877654321 than followed by two weeks of E/C/A stack. During fat burning cycles you’ll need to increase your aerobic quite a bit and of course de on strict low-fat, high protein diet.

There are A.S. cycles designed for cutting / contest preparation. To see example of one – read the post by ManOSteele called “Lowering BodyFat%”

Advanced bodybuilders who use AS Stack the Clen with T3 (Cytomel) for even stronger fat burning effect. However because T3 tend to burn also a muscle – it is used while on Steroid cycle. It is import to know that T3 is Thyroid hormone which could cause permanent damage to your gland. Therefore before even consider using it you’ll have to learn all about it! There are few very good posts on this board by ManOSteele and my self about Clen/T3 – please read them first.