Forrest Griffin Wins Spirit Award

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Forrest Griffin Wins Spirit Award

Some of you may have already heard, but on May 23, 2009 it was announced that Forrest Griffin will be winning the very first Tequila Cazadores Authentic Spirit Award for his work and contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The UFC will give an award out each month to a fighter who “demonstrates either social responsibility, dedication to the art of MMA, or good sportsmanship” according to the UFC website. The winner will receive a plaque and 1,000 dollars to go to the charity of their choice. As the awards continue the fighter with the most outstanding spirit will receive 10,000 dollars for the charity of their choice.

The Wounded Warrior Project strives to honor and empower severely injured service man and women by promoting awareness of their needs, enlisting the public’s aid, teaching aiding and assisting techniques, and providing unique and direct programs to service the wounded warriors.

Forrest Griffin had dedicated both his time and money to this organization for the benefit of warriors inside and out of the cage.

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