Fitness Tips for Gym Beginners

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Fitness Tips for Gym Beginners

man running in gymThis article is for those who are only beginners in bodybuilding. Below you will find questions and answers on program construction, training frequency, training equipment, and general training principles everyone should know before they enter the gym. Please, keep this information in mind every time you train.

Training machine vs. barbell, which one is better?

The answer depends on what you are looking to use them for. Forget about training machines if you want to get bigger and stronger. For a year, most likely for a few years, dumbbells and barbells will be your major gym buddies. Eventually, you will switch to training machines once you start thinking about the shape and muscle structure.

What time of the day is optimal for weigh-lifting?

Morning or early afternoon makes optimal time for weight training. This way your body gets two servings of food before bedtime (lunch and dinner). However, most people can only do the training in the evening, because they have work/studies during daytime, and still manage to gain muscle mass. The key is to give your body some food after every training.

How many times per week should I go to the gym?

You should go to gym at most three times a week. Most of bodybuilders follow this rule. If you train more often than that, then your body will quickly get into overtrained condition, which will terminate the muscle-gain progress. However, there are people who prefer high-training regime. Those people choose to have two workouts a week, but they do each workout to the point when they drop from exhaustion. Beginners should follow the three-sessions-per-week scheme for a month or two and only then choose the scheme which fits them the best.

Some gym “etiquette”

If this is your first visit to the gym, then you need to remember some rules of good manners.

  • Never talk to a person when they are working out, even if there is something really important going on.
  • Make sure to ask your neighbor if the equipment you are about to take is being used by them.
  • Don’t try sneaking a weight or two from the barbell when no one is looking.
  • Once done with the piece of equipment, return it to its original place.

How many exercises should I do per training?

It is very hard to give exact advice on this question as the answer greatly depends on a series of factors. General rule is three-four exercises per muscle group; one can be the base exercise and two-three isolating ones.

How many sets per exercise are best?

Once again, the answer depends on your goals. If you are only after the muscle mass then three sets per exercise will do the trick. Two or four sets would do as well. However, do not exceed four sets and don’t go lower than two. Forget about gigantic sets and supersets, since those types of sets are not suitable for regular weightlifters.

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