Joe Weider’s Training Principles for Advanced Bodybuilders – Superspeed Principle

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Joe Weider’s Training Principles for Advanced Bodybuilders – Superspeed Principle

Traditional athletic training is based on strict and disciplined performance to derive maximum stress and intensity for “isolated” muscles. This is the best way to achieve a champion’s well-shaped and well-proportioned body. Indeed, many bodybuilders are concerned about building muscle mass. For best possible mass gains, muscles should be overloaded by heavy weights. Superspeed training perfectly meets the requirement.

With Superspeed Principle You Can Lift Heavier Weights

With superspeed principle you “outdo” your previous best effort by lifting each-time-heavier weights. For example, at first you perform 8-12 reps using lighter weights. Next, start with lifting heavier weights with the 6-7 rep range. Try to use perfect performance technique. Finally, instead of regular steady rep pace and the focus on muscular contractions, try to lift your weight forcefully all the way up.

Prepare the Body for Superspeed Principle

Focus on a fast lift attempt! Nevertheless, don’t resort to the principle until at least 6 months experience of systematic training gained. It is of prime importance! You should lay the foundation before starting to derive benefits from the superspeed principle. You must not implement this technique warming up.

Choosing Weights

Use it to only when the weight is 75-85% of one rep max. For, example, you are doing a bench press. If you are able to bench 200 lb at once, your speed sets must be performed with 145-170 lb weight. Perform these sets in a controlled manner, but don’t forget to focus on the maximum speed.

When Bodybuilders Should Use Superspeed Principle

What is this all about? Superspeed principle was developed assuming the muscular and nervous systems consist of various types of fiber and nerve tracts. As you know, your muscles contain fast and slow twitch muscle fibers and different nerves that perform different functions. To ensure the development of all muscle groups to their maximum potential, you should combine slow and focused performance with explosive forceful lifts. Don’t get stuck on the superspeed principle. Rather use it during early-competition training phases when your task is to develop strength and muscle mass.

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