Evolution Of MMA To College

MMA has gained in popularity increasingly over the years. One of the bastions of MMA support is on college campuses. College students have been and continue to be enthusiastic fans of the sport. The college market is a continuously growing market for MMA events and products. College sports are a multi-million dollar industry in the US, and the market for college sponsored events continues to grow yearly. College campuses are full of eager young consumers who want to be thrilled and entertained by sports such as MMA.

The relationship between college and MMA has always been significant. Many successful MMA fighters have come from the ranks of elite college wrestlers. Imagine if MMA could tap into the school spirit and enthusiasm found on college campuses. The atmosphere surrounding MMA events is currently dynamic and nearly as explosive as ignited dynamite. Imagine this atmosphere mixed with the enthusiasm of school spirit. The market for MMA products would explode volcanically, similar to the explosions heard at “Death Valley or the Big House” or any other stadium on game day. Sports on college campuses are relievers of academic stress and are enjoyed by students with an almost religious fervor. If the sport or fighters themselves could tap into the zeal of college students the fan base would grow exponentially.

Despite the numerous economic possibilities located in the college market, few MMA organizations have sponsored events specifically geared toward a college audience with a few exceptions such as “Hughes and Gracie College MMA Challenge”. College students have themselves sought out MMA events and products and have become unsolicited promoters of the sport. College students have begun promoting MMA clubs on campuses and many students enjoy fight night gatherings. Let all of us who are MMA fans pray for the continued enthusiasm of college students, and for the visionary who effectively corners the college market. World Extreme Fighter recognizes the potential of the college market and effectively understands how to market to this audience. Through effective partnership this market can be tapped, benefiting all of MMA.

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