Eat Food That Benefits the Body

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Eat Food That Benefits the Body

Bodybuilders are aware of the fact that with the purpose of building muscles, they have to train regularly and eat foods that benefit their physic.  With all the information available, it might be hard to discern the right food choices in order to eat properly for muscle growth.  I have listed some common foods bodybuilders can eat to train their muscles to grow.  

White chicken meat — Chicken breast is loaded with protein that your body needs to repair its damaged muscles after a workout session. Go for the breast portion. Roasting or baking the chicken breast is the best for taste and preserving its integrity.  Add fresh broccoli, carrots or green beans and you’ll have a wonderfully healthy meal.

Eggs whites — Eggs are full of all the vital amino acids needed for fast recovery from muscle building session.  With the purpose of completely utilizing the benefits of egg whites, cook them by the book to disengage eggs full amino acid range. If you are bold enough to eat them raw like Rocky, you place yourself in jeopardy by contacting Salmonella. Yet, overcooking egg whites will change the quality of proteins and render them ineffective.  A rule of thumb to go by is to keep the cooking temperature below 150F pr 65C.

Salmon fish – What an excellent source of protein! Not only does it stimulate the body’s metabolism, salmon is unconditionally the best food for filling up your stomach. Then, your intake of calories is less and your body burns more.  Another added benefit is the fish is rich in omega-3 fats. Studies show that omega-3 fats fight inflammation, normalize insulin levels and even lower the risk of heart diseases.

Milk – Milk protein is made up of about 80 percent whey and 20 percent casein. Whey breaks down quickly into amino acids, thus is an excellent drink after a workout. Casein takes longer to digest, but provides a constant supply of protein to feed the body over a long period of time.

Water – If you are a serious bodybuilder most likely you carry around a gallon jug of fresh water.  70% of the body is composed of water and that includes muscles! Water has many benefits, but for bodybuilders water makes muscles look fuller and more toned.  Other benefits of water include the transport minerals and nutrients throughout the body, flushing toxins from the body, speeding up the muscle-building process and keeping the body in optimal health.

Slow-burning carbo foods -These foods include rice, sweet potatoes and pasta. If you exercise regularly carbohydrates get stored inside your muscles and become the main source of energy.  When your body’s energy level becomes low, it will start to draw energy from your muscles.  If you do not consume enough carbohydrates the muscles on you body will no longer look full.

Training and eating properly builds muscle for the body. Look over this list, again, and make a concerted effort to add these foods to your diet. You will feel better and look better, too.

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