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Dr. S In Real Life

Well I have been doing this blogging thing now for 8-9 months, and to be honest I kind of hit the wall, I had nothing to write about that was worth reading ( even though some of the stuff I write really isn’t readable ). So I thought this might be a good time to tell you about myself.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood in a not so large city. Growing up was fun but tough, I love Spanish food and Spanish women, but that is a whole other topic…. So I was always an over achiever , but never got to far because I was a grade A screw up. I was a soccer superstar in an area where no one gave a dam or even knew we had a team. I guess my point is that its not over until its over ( look at my profession now).

I started lifting at 14, i was always a chubby little bastard so lifting helped that ( well kind of ), so I did it as often as possible. I remember taking a 50 minute long bus ride to lift, and I was dedicated.Its funny now because I bitch if I have to drive 5 minutes now.

This where my determination is needed. My genetics hold me back like no other force, for this purpose , my genetics happen to be my kryptonite and unfortunately it happens to reside inside of me. Even at the pinnacle of my soccer career I never had a six pack. I did have a flat stomach but nothing more. I am blessed with good strength, but it seems my strongest muscles are also my less profound looking ones. I have shoulders that have always been exceptionally strong, but aren’t very big. Well my biceps , are weak and small so I am screwed there too, well small in compared to the rest of me.

So I train like an animal , and continue to do so sometimes with what seems to be little to no gains. The only thing that keeps me there is the possibility of getting to that place one day. I want a simple build between 215-230 around 5 or 6 % body fat. I have hit 10 % a few times in the last few years, only to give up after severe frustration. The last 4% is always the hardest, and even though I know this, I am human, so I am fallible. We all are. My point is I am 29, and I am in better shape then I was 6 years ago. Anyone can do it, any fat lazy bastard sitting on his couch right now can do it, and it doesn’t start with steroids. No , not what so ever, it starts with hard work.

I know I say this a lot but if your not willing to work hard steroids will not do it for you. It does give you the ability, but if the effort isn’t there then neither will be the muscle, maybe some water. The journey needs to start with a boat load of hard work , and when you have reached that point, only then is steroids a feasible option.

So I sit here , after a shitty start and a lot of procrastination, I became a hard worker, got through several years of school, and still have that same drive in the gym, maybe more so now.

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