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Dmitri Young

Dmitri Young Interview

In this exclusive interview, Young talked a little bit of baseball, but also showed himself to be a huge wrestling fan. His thoughts on his team, on the wrestling business, and on Brian Pillman should appeal to Reds fans and wrestling fans alike.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Dmitri… and I guess the first question I’ve got is to find out what brought you guys out here tonight. Was it the chance to be part of a show, or just the fact that you’re all fans?

Well, actually, myself, Danny and Sean, we’re all avid wrestling fans. We had the opportunity — because we know Marty Adams, who ahh….

Marty runs a card and collectible shop, right? [Note: Marty is also one of The Wrestling Guys, heard on WBKI 106.5 in Dayton, OH.

Yeah, that’s him… we know him, and Marty wanted to know if we’d take part in this. Well, it was an off day today, so yeah, we did it. I know I was a big wrestling fan, a big fan of Brian Pillman, especially when he was a Four Horseman. Then when he jumped over to the WWF, that was cool, too. He was a great wrestler and it was sad to see him pass away. And now as a wrestling fan, this is my way of giving back. Just coming out here, meeting some of the wrestlers and helping out, it’s cool.

Were you more a fan of Brian’s in-ring wrestling skill or his attitude, like the Loose Cannon…..

Oh man, I loved the Loose Cannon! With him always being the underdog — not the Yellow Dog [LAUGHS] — but the underdog type wrestler, when he finally got his break and had a chance to talk, he was always really good.

You mentioned the Yellow Dog, so you obviously go way back with Pillman… off all the things he did — the Horsemen, the Booker Man incident, the Loose Cannon in the WWF — what might be your favorite Pillman memory?

Actually, when he became a Horseman and had that cane with the horse head on it, I thought he was pretty wild, and I liked that. Then the next thing you know, he jumped over to the WWF and he had that feud with Stone Cold [Steve Austin], and I thought that was pretty cool, too.

You’ve got Danny and Sean here tonight, as well… are they big Pillman fans, or are they just wrestling fans in general?

I’m sure they liked Brian Pillman as well, but I know, they just love wrestling. When we get together, we talk about wrestling. We all watch wrestling together, pay-per-views, everything.

You guys prefer the WWF or WCW? Or do you watch a little of both?

Yeah, it’s a little of both. We don’t discriminate with our wrestling. It’s great, it’s sports entertainment.

Do you get to watch any ECW?

You know what? I know they’re really trying to bring it out now, but we play every Friday night, so we don’t get to watch it on TNN. Sometimes, it comes on at 1:30 in the morning on channel 25 when I’m home, but that’s not really a good time for me, either.

From all the groups you watch, then, who are your favorite wrestlers today?

I’m just a big wrestling fan… but the guys I like are ahh… Chris Jericho, Benoit. I really like that Vampiro. I like Kurt Angle, that’s one I really like. Booker T, of course, one of my favorites, just awesome.

On the internet, it seems like guys like me and the people who read our columns are constantly calling for Booker to get his big break, but it just doesn’t seem to come. He’s a huge star waiting to happen…

I agree, but WCW sometimes they don’t do a good job with that. I guess with Big Poppa Pump they did OK, bump him up a little each year… but I mean, look at the WWF: they bumped up The Rock, so they also bumped up Triple H. You can’t just do one guy. The Rock and Triple H, they could be feuding for years and it’ll be good.

Absolutely… how about in terms of what you’re seeing here tonight: is there any one guy you wanted to see or any one match you’re looking forward to?

Shoot… you know, I haven’t even really been able to see much of the show because we’ve been sitting down here [in the locker room].

Alright, how about in your match, then… what are you looking forward to there?

Well, I’ll be on one side, with “Latino Heat” [Eddie Guerrero], and my teammate — well, he ain’t my teammate today! — Danny’s gonna be on the other side. But he better watch out: my guy’s gonna win!

[chuckling] You’re gonna make sure of it?

[laughing also] Yeah, yeah. I’ll do as good as I can without anybody getting hurt, cuz you know, we got a game tomorrow.

Who you guys got tomorrow? The Marlins, right?

Yeah, the Marlins.

You want to cut a promo on them, too? Pro wrestling style?

[laughing] Nah, nah… the Marlins are a young team, and you can’t take them lightly. They’re playing with heart, not for money because they ain’t got none. I mean, those guys are playing for love of the game, not for status.

Do you guys feel good about how the Reds are coming together? Another good month of May in the bag?

Well, we’re still not where we want to be…

Still better than 30 days ago, though?

Yeah, of course. We just try to take it day by day, and it’s gonna be a dogfight in August with the Cardinals and whoever else might come out in that NL Central.

Hey, getting back to some wrestling…. I seem to recall a couple years ago, the Reds were split into NWO factions — Hollywood and the Wolfpac. Were you around for that?

Mmm hmmm, yep. Let’s see, it was me, Gravey (Danny Graves), Gabe White, Sean Casey, and I guess it was a couple other guys who aren’t with the team any more. We were the Wolfpac.

Then Barry Larkin — our captain — he was the leader of Hollywood. He had Aaron Boone, and pretty much everybody else.

So you guys were the elite Wolfpac faction, and they had everybody else?

[chuckling] Yeah… hey, there goes another Wolfpac member, now!

[As Sean Casey walked past our corner of the locker room area, handshakes and introductions were made… and unfortunately, it was time for the Reds to go meet with the participants in their matches to go over game plans.]

I’m certainly not going to stand in the way of top level strategy sessions… I appreciate your time, Dmitri. Good luck, and have fun out there tonight!

Thanks… this oughta be a good time!

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